Friday, 28 April 2017

Jonathan's Cry: The Lamentation Of Self Infliction

A Depressed Jonathan

by: Ukorebi Esien

In 2007 when the late Umaru Musa Yar'Adua picked Goodluck Jonathan as his running mate, those of us from the South Southern region of Nigeria rejoiced because at last we will have a shot at the Presidency. Things took a different turn for the Northerners when Mr. President kicked the bucket and our South South Vice President became president  and in 2011 he contested his first-ever election. After a lot of struggles from our northern brothers, JEG through the help of his political godfather, OBJ won the elections. In 2015 Our dear South South Oga-at-the-top decided to take a second deliberate shot at the presidency this time around the fight did not only come from our brothers from the north, even Jonathan's kinsmen where not at par with him. And one will reason why will a man's brothers fight against  his progressive ambition? The truth is that GEJ did not impress us from us the South South. As the first Southerner to have attain the height of the number one citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria he did not perform to our expectation.
His Government was characterized with favoritism for the North the same people who did not want him. JEG preferred to develop the North at the detriment of his home town. Even a child knows that Charity begins at home. So why will Jonathan Think working hard for the Northerners will give him a second ticket to the Presidency. Whoever gave him that kindergarten advice was the brain behind his failure. You can't please a man whose hatred for you is genetically motivated.

It is obvious that JEG was not a tyrant but it is not also wrong to say that he was a weak president who allowed anything to happen. Jonathan may say that he is not corrupt.(that we can't tell until proven by a competent court of law) but under his watch so many corrupt practices took place to the extent that a universally acclaimed corrupt leader like OBJ could be shocked at the level of corruption that transpired within JEG's Cabinet.

I may be tempted to think that he allowed all this to happen in order to gain acceptance thereby having a ride for a second term. But the truth is his thinking was foolishness in the sense that he was financially empowering his enemies to unseat him.

Today, having lost the 2015 Presidential elections to Buhari, GEJ is crying foul that PMB is After his family. Truth is that GEJ had all the political might and force to do same to Buhari and the likes of Amaechi, Jega and the host of others during the build up to the 2015 Presidential elections and no one would have coughed but he decided to play calm. You can't play calm with a chronic stubborn enemy who has vowed to gun you down and think you will succeed. In a way whatever persecution or affliction GEJ is facing today in the hands of Buhari, he has himself to blame.

of late there was a news with this headline BUHARI'S GOVT. HARASSING MY FAMILY- GOODLUCK JONATHAN  and this is how Nigerians reacted to it

Emmanuel Louis
What's wrong with that? You thought everyone will be as clueless,weak and spineless as you were ehn? The man is doing to you what you could not do when you were a President. With all the constitutional powers and mights at your disposal,you rather chose to behave like an ordinary citizen,wanting to please every Tom,Dick and Harry,forgetting that even Jesus Christ with no sin at all was betrayed and killed for no just cause.For all the years you were a President,not a single road was constructed perfectly in your constituency,and you think this is normal? You are now busy globetrotting the world for relevance and recognition,while your people back home are wallowing in abject penury.Tell me,what kind of international award will put food on the table of an average Bayelsan or a common Niger-Deltan? Which world conference will add anything to the life of poverty-stricken people in your place? I'm still wondering about the kind of reason you had to have allowed what happened in your reign to happen.Most of us are/were disappointed in your ability and style. It's just very unfortunate that we find ourselves in a society where telling the truths is greeted with boos and backlashes, while things continue to get worse. My prayer is for all of you both our past and present leaders to repent and seek the way of God so that our country regain her pride and dignity once again in the comity of nations.

Emmanuel Martin Tribal sentiment apart, the early we start telling ourselves the hard truth the bettet for us. During the 2011 election i voted & also prayed seriously for Jonathan, 4 years after i couldn't traced any reasonable project to GEJ. With pains i gave all my vote to APC in 2015. After 6yrs in office Jonathan couldn't build airport in Bayelsa. PH airport, PH & Warri Refinaries were build by Northerners, NDDC was established by Obasanjo, Yaradua also gave us Ministry of Niger Delta Affair. He refused to upgrade Oron Maritime Academy even when Akpabio pleeded for him to do so. well, he tried in the area of ground braking.

Modestus Ajaero My brother you have just hit the nail on the head gbaaam. I thought you are one of those foolishly bigoted "Jonathan is our brother "kind of persons who would see white and would say it is sky blue.
There no amount of attack from any quarter that wil
l make me change my attitude towards the man Jonathan. You have impressed me greatly with this post and I thank you. I will comment no further b/c you have said it all. Good morning!

Ekom Udosen The south south has not learnt and may never learnt.Jonathan was a good and clear example of a south sotherner with power and in power.Thank God he was not an ibibio man,he would have been was than this------- ------ -------  

Ukorebi Esien is a blogger, Editor and Conference Speaker