Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Unusual Wedding Proposal
Hmmmm Wonders shall never end. The picture above shows that a wedding engagement took place. That is actually not the wonder here.

How on earth or where on earth is it done that the bride-to-be kneels down while the groom-to-be stands on his his two feet to propose while he inserts the ring in her finger.

In my own opinion I think this young dude is too proud to follow the normal tradition of kneeling on one kneel to propose to a girl or on the other hand could it be that it is the girl who is the man of the home?  Could it also be that it was the girl who provided the ring for the guy to engage her?

Well, whatever their reasons for displaying such act may be, I still wish them a happy married live.

Ukorebi Esien is a Calabar based blogger