Thursday, 25 May 2017

2019: How Ayade is Increasingly Becoming Unpopular part 1

The first time I came in contact with Governor Ben Ayade was in 2012, then he was still a senator. He was representing Cross River Northern Senatorial District at the red chambers.

I met him in a leadership event assembled by Liyel's Bridge Leadership Foundation, Ayade was there as a guest. And when he spoke, I fell for him head long.

He appeared to me a perfect gentle man, a man with inspiration and great aspirations. In fact I saw in him the next Governor of Cross River State. When I left that event, I became an unpaid Crusader for Ayade.

I told, everyone around me, my mum and my friend, Victor Ndifon the then SUG President of CRUTECH, that if Liyel eventually cede power to the North, then Ayade will be the next Governor of Cross River State.

As at that time, I doubt if Governor Ayade had any intention of contesting for Governor, in fact to prove me right at the turn of 2015 elections, Ayade was gunning for a second term in the senate, he had already picked the senatorial form to return to the Senate, when things changed and my prophesy came to pass.

As Ayade started his governorship campaign, I gave him my support in any measure I could, I talked about him, encouraged people to vote for him, sang his praises.

I believe in 2015, Cross Riverians filed out in their numbers to vote for Ayade probably because they felt the same way I felt about him. Ayade had the Charisma, the Language and Vision of a Governor and above all he was young in age as compared to his challengers in the Governorship race.

Everybody loved him, everybody wanted him, Ayade was on lips of everyone and he became a household name in Cross River and beyond.

Ayade's popularity spoke for him and he won the election, despite the irregularities that characterised the primaries, but he emerged the winner of the 2015 General elections in cross river state and thus he became our governor.

One thing that also endeared him to many hearts were his speeches during his electioneering campaign. Ayade won the hearts of both the rich, the poor, the old and the young. Even my great grand mother in the village voted for Ayade.

Many, including the immediate past governor of the state, Sen. Liyel Imoke, didn't know Ayade was slyly in nature.

He gave wonderful promises, on many occasions, he even had to swear with any object  that comes to his mind such as "I swear by my mother's grave" "I give you my word" "I Promise with my life", "As long as I still have life, I shall..." etc.

The use of all those swearword and strong languages further made even the likes of Jeddy Abga to drop his governorship ambition even after he must secured his form with Labour Party he had to give it to Fidelis Ukpo and sponsored Ayade's Ambition. Many gave him their support and sacrificed just to  make sure he won the election.

Cross Riverians believed in him, gave him their mandate and today the rest is story.

In the next part of this article I will tell you how Ayade started the downward move of his political career.

Drop your comments, reservations and opinions below. 
As for me I think Ayade may likely not return to Government house of he continues the way he is going.

Ukorebi Esien
Blogs and Edits for TDN