Monday, 8 May 2017

7+1 Critical Questions decamping Sen. Owan-Enoh must address himself to if he must Excel in APC

Distinguished Sen. John Owan Enoh 

Ukorebi Esien

It is no longer news that the distinguished Senator John Owan-Enoh, Senator Representing the Cross River State Central Senatorial District has finally ran away to the All Progressives Congress (APC) having jointly spoiled the Peoples Democracy Party (PDP) with Sen. Liyel Imoke erstwhile Governor of Cross River State and others.

Permit me to state here that my words are deliberate and carefully chosen to best express my feelings as well as send across my message and I owe no apology to anyone for my choice of words.

Sen. Owan-Enoh will not deny that he was not part of the cabal that controlled the affairs of CRS neither will he say he was not in the know of the plan to foist the Shoki King on Cross Riverians. Today the state is in disarray and he has been sent out the Cabal controlling the mbrode (messed up) affairs of the state. Instead of been happy not to be associated with such mess he rather chooses to cry foul.  

As a fan of the distinguished senator until his recent display of excessive hunger for power and control, I wish him well in his political sojourn to the APC, but at the same time, I will need him to sincerely answer the following questions, not to me but to himself. In doing this he will know if he made the right decision or not.

1. How well does Sen. Owan-Enoh trust the APC to give him a ticket to the Senate come 2019 being that it was because of him the likes of Victor Ndoma-Egba and Sandy Onor where forced out of the PDP and their senatorial dreams were killed by the same Owan-Enoh and his PDP friends?

2. How will the Senator cope with the likes of Sandy Onoh, Pastor Usani Usani, Okoi Obono-Obla and other unverified  APC bigwig who had paid their dues in the party and have been patiently waiting for 2019 to run for senatorial elections?

2b. Can Sen. Owan-Enoh buy over the senatorial ambition of these long standing APC members? If yes how much is he willing to pay?

3. Will Sen. Owan-Enoh be willing to be loyal to the structure of APC in the State or is he going there to take over the structure?

4. Should APC win the governorship in the State, will the distinguished Senator  be loyal to the governor?

5.What does Sen. Owan-Enoh think about Youth Leadership and campaign for Not-Too-Young-To-Run?

 6. Can the distinguished Senator truly and sincerely say that his defection to the APC is not for personal interest and as such selfishly motivated?

7. Having been in corridors of power for almost 20years since 1999, does the distinguished Senator have a protege or can he point out at least 5 persons he has raised to a position of influence in CRS?

He who runs away will live to fight another Day!

I wonder what you understand by this statement.

Ukorebi Esien
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