Sunday, 7 May 2017

Beware of Brutus, A Young Political Social Commentator Advices Sen. Owan As He Decamps to APC

Saturday, 6th of May, 2017 saw the senator representing Cross River State Central Senatorial District, Sen. John Owan Enoh joining the likes of Sen. Victory Ndoma Ebga, Sen. Florence Ita-Giwa and a host of other PDP decampees  Carrying the broom. The act finally cleared the doubt in the hearts of many as to whether the distinguished Senator will actually defect to the opposing APC in the State.

Recall that just some few weeks ago, Sen. Florence Ita-Giwa jumped over to the APC and barely one month later another heavy weight of the PDP has also jumped and there are strong indication that about four other National Assembly Members from the State have concluded arrangement to dump the PDP for the APC in a matter of days.

The current spate of defection from the PDP to the APC in Cross River State have motivated a political, social commentator, Abang Ogong to drop a four paragraphed piece of advice to the defectors. He titled his piece "Beware Of Brutus"

"I Have Kept A Distance From Commenting On Issues, truth Is I Am Not Only Worried, but I am very much concern because the More I Look, it seems the less I see,The More I Try To Understand The More Confused I Get.
I Heard four More member of the house of Representative from Cross River State Have Concluded Plans To Carry The Broom, thus my concern.

The present cross carpeting going on among politicians in the State only brings to my memory The Painful betrayal Julius Caesar suffered in the hands of his trusted friend, Brutus. So I decided To Share the story believing It Could Be Of Help To Somebody Who Knows?

Julius Caesar Was A Dictator Of Rome Who Was Killed By A Group Of Conspiring Senators, Caesar's Good Friend And Confidant Marcus Brutus Was A Part Of The Conspiracy, Brutus Had Benefited alot From Caesar thus, Caesar In His Wildest Dream Didnt Expect Anything Less Apart From Total Support and loyalty, from his trusted Brutus.

When The Conspiring Senators Decided To Kill Caesar They Took Turns To Stab Him,Caesar Was Such A Strong Man He Fought Them Until It Was Brutus's Turn To Stab Him, When Brutus Stabbed Him Out Of Shock And Lost Of Trust He Couldn't Withstand It,He Shouted "Brutus! You Too?"And He Died.

Beware Of Brutus."

The story/advice leaves me wondering how well Sen. Owan Enoh trust the APC to give him a ticket to the Senate come 2019 being that it was because of him the likes of Victor Ndoma Ebga and Sandy Onor where forced out of the PDP and their senatorial dreams were killed by the same Owan and his PDP friends? We should also not forget that the likes of Sandy Onoh and unverified others already in the APC before Owan May have been patiently waiting for 2019 to run for senatorial elections.
This leads to my second loud thinking can Sen. Owan buy over the senatorial ambition of the long standing APC members? If yes how much is he willing to pay?

Ukorebi Esien is a Blogger and Conference Speaker 

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  1. When Friend becomes an enemy, then the enemy becomes a best friend.