Saturday, 20 May 2017

C'River State Youths Petitions Gov. Ayade for Proposing a New Logo/Brand for the State

|Ukorebi Esien|20th May, 2017|

Concerned youths in Cross River state have petitioned the state governor Prof. Benedict Ayade for proposing to change the state's logo.

Cross Riverians woke up Saturday morning to the notification that their beloved and adored state logo/brand that was designed and unveiled during the Donald Duke's administration will no more be.

Come 27th of May, 2017, the state's brilliant Blue and white dolphin like logo/brand christened "Destination Cross River" will be replaced with a new logo/ that carries a Charging Bull encircled by 18 stars to represent the LGA's in Cross River State, all merged in a red background. The new logo is christened "The Spirit of Enterprise".

TDN learnt the new logo/brand will be unveiled on the May 27th during the Cross River at 50 celebration. The new brand is expected to throw the state in a new light of entrepreneurship, shifting the state from a civil service oriented state.

Surprisingly, Cross Riverians took to their social media handle especially face book to kick against the new logo.

As a way of demonstrating their disapproval of the new logo, an online petition have been released with the goal of raising one thousand signatures against the Ben Ayade's visionless government.

To sign the partition follow the link below and append your signature.

Ukorebi Esien
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