Wednesday, 17 May 2017

DANGER: Places to Avoid today in Calabar

Ukorebi Esien | 17th May, 2017

If you are new in Calabar or will be coming into town today and for those of us who are residing in Calabar, for the safety of your life please do not walk or drive through Akim Market and its environs from 7pm.

Akim is located around UNICAL Eta Abhor axis, IBB Rabana and IBB- Ekong Ita- Marian.

A new King known as Ntoe of Akim will be installed Today. The town crier of Akim Quo Community had announced that nobody should be seen within the Akim Premises from 9pm. But to be on the safe side Oracclle advises that you avoid that environs from 7pm.

Your family and society still need so avoid the area and inform others. Please share till it goes round.