Thursday, 4 May 2017

Emergency: Help Give Live back to Little Miss Olive

By: Ifere Paul


Little Olive Bassey was born as many other cute little children were born. She brought so much joy to her parents, grand parents, and other relations.

Unknown to her parents, she was born with an undiagnosed heart condition. As she began to grow, she became restless and sleepless, and will cry from sun rise to sun set.

Soon, she developed a blemish on the upper side of her stomach, and this was what scared her parents more. They rushed her to the hospital were diagnosis were conducted. It was revealed that little Olive Bassey has a heart condition referred to in medical parlance as "Situs Solitus Dextrocardia with Complex Cyanotic Congenital Condition."

               Miss Olive's Medical Reports

Little Olive Bassey requires a heart surgery known as "Cardiac Catheterization" to correct the anomaly. This can be done either in Nigeria or India.

Little Olive Bassey is going through serious pains that required her sedated most of the time.

Her parents have contacted the state government through the Director General of Cross River State Primary Healthcare Agency, Dr(Mrs) Betta Edu. While she is doing the needful by advising little Olive's parents to apply for assistance from government, time is not on little Olive's fragile heart.

Little Olive Bassey needs 4 Million Naira for her operation.

I am calling on well meaning Cross Riverians and Nigerians anywhere in the world to assist this innocent child. Please lets help this little angel.

We can send our widow's might directly to her parents:
Gilbert Bassey
FCMB 1228346014

You can call them directly for more information: Little Olive mum's number is 08093058463.

God will cure your bareness and childlessness through your assistance, no matter how small.