Friday, 26 May 2017

Finally Mark Zuckerberg Backs a degree from Harvard after 12 Year

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO Thursday, 25th May finally graduated from Harvard the same school he dropped out from 12 years ago to focus on his Facebook app.
Mark finally Graduates
after 12 years

Zuckerberg who gave the commencement speech told that graduating students that "Finding your purpose isn't enough....The challenge for us is to create a world where everyone has their own sense of purpose."
An excited Zuckerberg 

Mark Zuckerberg received an honorary doctorate degree from the university, 12 years after dropping out to build facebook, an app that began in his dorm room as a closed networking site for Harvard students which is now a global force with nearly 2 billion subscribers.

The 33-year-old posted a photo of himself on “his social network” holding his honorary degree with his proud parents standing next to him with the inscription,
'Mom, I always told you I'd come back and get my degree.' 

Zuckerberg standing in
between his proud parent

Ukorebi Esien
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