Friday, 26 May 2017

Future Leaders Award: Nyokism, A Phenomenon to reckon with

"Finding your purpose isn’t enough… the Challenge for us is to create a world where everyone has their own sense of purpose.” - Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook

This statement can be said to be true in the life of Efio-Ita Nyok, Publisher and Editor- in-Chief of Negroid Haven.

Yesterday, 25th May, 2017 saw two great young personalities both under 35 who have used their ideas and innovation to affect several lives and create a world where everyone can now have a sense of purpose being awarded.

Mark Zuckerberg a 33 year old softprenuer and Facebook boss was awarded a doctorate degree by the same Harvard he dropped out from 12 years ago to start facebook. The event was indeed a glorious one in his life as he took to his facebook page to display the picture with him and his proud parent with the inscription, “Mom, I always told you I'd come back and get my degree."

At the same time while Zuckerberg was being honored in Harvard, Our Own Nyokism was also being honored in Transcorp Calabar, Cross River State with an awarded as one of Cross River’s Future leaders to watch out for.

Nyok, can as well be compared with the great Facebook brain and vision bearer in many ways.
First Mark Zuckerberg is in the business of touching lives through dissemination of information via Facebook likewise Nyok through Negroid Haven.

Zuckerberg, is in his Early Thirties likewise Nyok, Zuckerberg is a lover of tech and innovation so is Nyok, thus his involvement with Techhive a leading tech hub in Cross river state. And I could just go on and on to list out their similarities.

Yesterday, as Profiles and Bibliographies awarded Efio-ita Nyok publisher of Negroid Haven among several other deserving sons and daughters of Cross River with different categories of awards. Mr Nyok stands out among the other 49 persons in the category of ‘Future Leaders: 50 Young People To Watch’ Awards.

Mr . Nyok indeed is a phenomenon to watch out for, a graduate of Philosophy and an outstanding activist in his undergraduate days have under two years have grown his brand Negroid Haven to an enviable height to reckon with in Cross River State.

As the organisers of the award rolled out the names of awardees for different categories few weeks back, one thing was certain. Cross Riverians were kin to know whose name made and didn’t make the list. And should Nyok's name had any reason been missing on that list then Cross Riverians and all true lovers and active members of the social world would have made a mockery of the Profiles and Biblographies award.

To say Nyok deserved the award is an understatement because he truly deserves more than that, but a every meaningful journey begins with a step and that step must be a step in the right direction. And this step, Nyokism as he fondly calls himself have began taking. Thus he deserves to be watched.

Nyok who is born with a royal blood running through his veins is the first among three, Mr Enifon Nyok and Miss Eneanwan Nyok, being parented by Mr Gabriel Nyok Etim-Enifon of Anwan Enang-Ekpo Edem and Princess Edak both of Akpabuyo LGA in the southern senatorial district of Cross River State, Nigeria. He is therefore of Efik extraction particularly of the Ekpo Edem Royal House from his paternal lineage and the Ntiero Edem Effiom Ekpo Royal House from his maternity.

Ukorebi Esien
Blogs and Edits for TDN