Tuesday, 2 May 2017

May Day: How Ayade is Destroying Civil Service in CRS

By Ukorebi Esien

As workers world over celebrated the May day yesterday, which is a day set aside to appreciate the efforts of workers in adding value to the economy and to humanity, Cross River State workers in their numbers were not left behind as many were in the stadium for the usual May day celebration which is characterised with a hope building and solidarity sermon by the Governor and match past by labour union amongst other activities.

My concern goes to Cross River State Civil Servants who have been toiling day in day out to add value to the state yet their effort is not yielding fruits because the man at the rudder is taking the ship backward while he squanders whatever comes in with his family and exhubitant overseas trips that are yet to be beneficiary to the state.

If you ask a chronic lover of Ayadeism, they will tell you that one of the things Ayade have done is prompt payment of Salaries to civil servants. But truth be told, Ayade is a deceiver and a liar.

In Cross River State, our heartless Digital Governor have divided workers into 3 classes viz: First Class(workers in ministries, government parastatal and Ayade's Appointees ) Second Class (Local Government employees ) and third class(pensioners )

Among these three classes of workers in the state, The first-class are the most favoured and whenever you hear that salaries have been paid in Cross River State, these are the People that have been paid.

The second and third class are relegated to the background and they are being owed months of salaries. Some months ago, some pensioners who were over stressed during one of those their unnecessary Documentations collapsed and died.

The issue of paying civil servant at the beginning of the month is seen as an act of wickedness, how do you pay a man for the job he is yet to do? Is that not a way of bonding him to the work even when he is not fit to do the work may be due to health reasons, just because he has eaten your money he will be compelled to jorpadise his life for your work.

Secondly, paying a civil servant at the beginning of the month is an indirect way of making that man a debtor, because definitely civil servants are underpaid as compared to the standard of living in Nigeria today, so he will definitely finish his salary before the month ends while the next one will come at the end of the next month. Tell me how that civil servant will survive the beginning of the next month?
Ayade collects federal allocation every month and this covers the local government employees yet they are being owed for several months and they are no rural projects to make life worth living in the rural areas. And they say we have a governor!

This piece is a wake up call to all relevant authorities to ask our dear digital governor whether his socialization does not include local government employees and the aged(pensioners )?

UKOREBI Essen is a bloger and conference speaker