Friday, 12 May 2017

Negletct, As Surviving Victims of the Nyahasang Viewing Center Crys Out For Help

Ukorebi Esien|12 May, 2017|

Surviving Victims of the Nyahasang Viewing Center electrocution have cried out for help. Recall that about 30 Manchester fans were electrocuted in Nyahasang area of Calabar, Capital City of Cross River State 20th may, 2017 while watching the club's match.

Shortly after the ugly incidence, several people including the Governor of the state Sen, Prof. Ben Ayade came up to commensurate with victims as well as offer one degree of assistance or the other. Prominent among the promises is that of the state Governor who promised to cater for all the medical bills among other logistics.

Information reaching Oracclle has it that most of those promises are yet to be met as victims are suffering and crying out in pains for help.

One on the injured victim  Mr Ferdinand Anok  whose case is pathetic is at the point of dying.
Due to lack of facilities in the state to carter for his medical need,  arrangement had been made for him to be flown out to South Africa for treatment. All arrangement had been concluded as at Wednesday, with his medical team given visas.
Information available to Oracclle has it that monies are yet be release be for them to travel. I am tempted to wonder why bureaucracy should be involved in matters of life and death. Mr. Anok is said to beat the point of death.

A source close to the Victim disclosed that "maggots had infested the wounds and feces and other internal substances are beginning to come out from the wounds around his chest and stomach."
Is this man going to be allowed to die after surviving the ordeal that left no fewer than 9 people dead? There had been so many pledges and promises from government, please the authorities should do the needful.

It will be an inhuman act to make promises to the living and then allow them to die because you don't want to redeem the promises so made. We call on the Governor and all others who made promises to the victims to please come to their rescue by redeeming their promises.
 Please let us not allow these surviving victims die when we can save them.

Ukorebi Esien

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