Sunday, 7 May 2017

Revealed: See The Real Reason Sen. John Owan Enoh Left PDP

by Ukorebi Esien

The news of Sen. John Owan Enoh leaving the Ruling PDP in Cross River State to the Opposing APC is everywhere, but no one knows the true reason of his cross carpeting. During defection Ceremony which held in his ward in Etung Local Government of CRS, Sen. Owan deceived both his teeming supporters which have now dwindled that he left the Peoples Democratic Party, a party that made him whatsoever he is today because his Senatorial district are been marginalized by the government of the day in the state
Senator Owan Enoh, who has been a former state legislator, former member of the House of Representatives and currently a senator in the 8th National Assembly is said to have been having a running battle with the state governor, Senator Ben Ayade. Sources close to the Senator disclosed that the Governor is planning not to return him to the senate come 2019. Other sources disclosed that the governor may have taken this decision considering the number of years the senator have been in the corridors of power, since 1999. The Governor is of the opinion that somebody of a lesser age or(and) from the old Obubra axis of Central senatorial district which Owan represents should be given a chance to represent the district. This decision is said not to go down well with the distinguished Senator and his decamping is thought to be a culmination of that feud.

Another Very Close source to the distinguished senator revealed the following:
"The Governor sees senator Owan as an Opponent and may not give him the senatorial ticket in 2019 since he is in charge of the PDP structure in the state he may not allow Owan to emerge as the flag bearer for the senatorial race come 2019. In fact there was a time the senator wanted to hijack the PDP structure in the state from Abuja but they told him that the governor is the head."

Talking about a younger person to take over the senatorial district from Owan the Source agreed that "It is true that Owan is long over due to relinquish power  despite his out standing performances, but I believes that if 2019 is the Senator's time to fall out of power he will surely do that because dynasties rises and dynasties fall. So whatever the Almighty wills that shall stand not as man wills."

In the main time  there are fears in Owan's Camp that the rumors about the Governor also decamping to the APC shouldn't be true because: 
"If the governor moves to APC that will be a big issue for my principal because the normal thing still remains that the governor is the head of the party structure"

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  1. Owan Enoh a twenty year old politician and Ayade a six year young kindergarten politician who will outsmart who. Abegee make we hear word.