Monday, 15 May 2017

See What Tekno's "Pana" did to this Slay Queen

Ukorebi Esien|15 May, 2017|

There are strong insinuations that Tekno's "Pana" have led a young lady into the discovery world of the secret pleasure that exist in cassava. The story of the slay Queen who was reported to have used an 18 inches tuber of Cassava to pleasure herself trended the social media few weeks back. Nigerians are now of the opinion that the lady must have been influenced by the lyrics of Tekno's hit song "Pana". 

below are the Lines from the song believed to have influenced the girls action:

Baby, Pana
They say you like wahala oh
Eh, I getti wahala oh
Baby, Pana
Anywhere that you go
I go follow you dey go
Baby, Pana
They say you like cassava
I getti big cassava

Baby, Pana
My love for you will never die, will never die 
According to a Facebook user, Ibe Caleb, who broke the news, the lady had carved the cassava into the shape of a penis and had been using it as a sex toy but in the heat of passion, the improvised dildo broke and got stuck in her vagina and she had to be rushed to a hospital where a surgery had to be done to get it out.

Speaking to news men after the surgery, the lady claimed she did it because she has no boy friend and she is not sure of getting one.

Tekno have been accused by many Nigerian Youth who heard the news for been the brain behind the Slay Queen's action, when he dropped  the infamous line, They say you like cassava... I getti big cassava. 

 Tekno dumps the tiring use of banana as a metaphor and uses something bigger instead- a cassava. Banana is a popular word. Now, Tekno has put the word cassava is the Nigerian sexting dictionary.

Hmmmm, Nawao wetin we no go hear? Girls they can do o! If no be one beauty Queen wey dey use Cucumber, e go be one fine slay queen wey dey use Cassava, CASSAVA hmmm even CASSAVA too? She even wear the cassava condom. This Babe na real Slay Queen. See as she wan slay herself.

Ukorebi Esien 
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Photo Credit: Facebook