Friday, 19 May 2017

The Making of a Political Martyr in Joseph Odok

|Ukorebi Esien|19May,2017|

Justine Eleshi A social media user have delved  into the alleged victimisation of a notable Cross River's controversial social change agent and University of Calabar lecturer, Mr Joseph Odok Esq., Ph.D  by the University Vice Chancellor.

 Mr. Justine Eleshi writing through his facebook social media handle have postulated that the method by which Prof. Zana Akpagu is victimizing Joseph Odok is rather making him a Political Martyr and not a wrong doer.

Mr Eleshi said Mr. Joseph Odok represents the voice of Cross River State youths and speaks for the voiceless. He further made it clear that Joseph Odok is a model for the Nigerian Youths as he is ever ready to pitch his voice against an oppressive and misleading government.

The Social media User who was not happy at the way some youths were rejoicing over Odok's Predicament called on the leadership of the APC to intervene in the present rift between Odok and his employers.

This how Mr. Justine Puts his Opinion:

I may not approve of everything he does and writes, but I think Dr Joseph Odok is some rough diamond. Those celebrating his suspension from work are missing the point.

Odok represents today's youth. He represents the aggrieved, agitated, full of energy and rearing to go, young person in Cross River. The difference between him and most is, he found his voice. Even if he is most times uncouth and unmannered in his writing. But that again is attributable to pent up anger. The same most young persons in Cross River and indeed, Nigeria, carries inside them.

Odok represents the oncoming revolt against the current oppressive system whom most like him believe do allow for youth expression and participation in governance. Again his manner of communication may be faulty but overlook what he represents at your own peril. He is the little Chinese guy standing in front of an oncoming armoured car. Remember that story? 

We must also be careful with optics. It is instructive that Odok's victimization, as it is now called in quarters, is coming from within his own party, The APC. That is the story out there! The story is about how insensitive we can be. How that Joseph Odok, was a constant irritant on the skin of the ruling PDP government in the state with no repercussions but the moment he does one piece about the University of Calabar, headed by an Associate of the APC in the state, he gets suspended? So much for giving blows we can't receive. It goes to show that our opposition to the government in the state was never based on principle, but was all along hypocritical, selfish and not for reasons beneficial to the party. To imagine that this same Odok was once celebrated at an expanded party stakeholders meeting for his opposition to government!

When Odok wrote against PDP and it's elements, when he stood against misgovernance, he was a hero. Celebrated every where! When he noticed the same ills in APC elements and wrote against, he became a gnat! He is now an irritant that must be taught a lesson! Nothing can be more wrong. This ought to stop!

What Odok needs is mentorship and training on social media advocacy and on a bit of social etiquette, not the sho-sho that he's currently being meted. That is cruel!

The right thing to be done is for all leaders in the Party in Cross River State to mediate in this matter between Odok and his employers, resolve the quarrel and get the youngman to return to his job.

This is my unsolicited two cents on the matter.

—Justine Eleshi
Social Media user. 

Can a faithful son not question the father's actions he doesn't understand any more? What is wrong with you airing your opinion. I think President Idi Amin Dada has said it all. "Freedom of speech is guaranteed but I can't guarantee your freedom after your speech".

Ukorebi Esien
Blogs and Edits for ORACCLLE