Tuesday, 27 June 2017

23 States Owes LG workers Salaries, See Why Ayade deserves a Hand Clap

The Nigerian union of local Government Employees has said that about 23 out of the 36 states of the federation including the FCT owe Local government workers Salaries areas ranching from one to 16 months. This is despite the federal government’s effort to assist the states through bailout and Paris club refunds to states.

the national president, Ibrahim Kheel who was speaking to News Agency of Nigeria NAN in Abuja on Monday, said Bayelsa state took the lead with about 10-16 months indebtedness to LG workers in the state, followed by Kogi with 15 months, delta came next with 8-14 months
“Kaduna 12 months; Oyo three to 11 months; Edo 10 months; Abia five to nine months; Kwara two to nine months; Benue nine months and Nasarawa seven months.

“Ondo, Ekiti, Imo with six months; Zamfara have not implementing minimum wage, Adamawa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Ebonyi, Plateau owing four months, Taraba and FCT three months.
“While Osun state has been paying half salaries for 24 months and few staff were owed few months in Enugu,” he said.
The union noted that Ekiti has refused to remit union dues for the past nine months and Ogun has not also remitted its deduction for seven months.
The national president also said that 700 staff members were owed between one to three months in Cross River State.
It is based on the above that I want to say that the Governor Ben Ayade’s Government is actually working compared to the aforementioned 23 states. Cross River state is the state with the least owed local government employees.
Out of thousands of local government employees only about 700 are owed just between one to three months salaries. Please I think Ayade deserves a handclap.

But be it has it may, on a second thought why should Cross River be Mentioned among the list of debtors?
Can’t the digital and magical governor perform his magic again and pay up the remaining salaries?