Thursday, 15 June 2017

Ayade is Working, That's one Fact APC can not Deny - Richie Romanus

Richard Romanus|15 June, 2017|

"Has the commendation changed the fact that Ayade didn’t commission single government owned project in two years?
“Has it changed the fact that the much talked about garment factory is a privately owned company with Cross River having just 30% shares?
The above Statement is contained in a press Release signed by the Acting State Chairman of the Cross River State Chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC),John Ochala.
What it means is that, finally the party in the State has agreed that,they are indeed projects going on in the State embarked upon by the Senator Ben Ayade administration but they are privately owned by the Governor. This is obviously against their earlier stand that it's been two wasted years for the PDP Government. ‎
These guys suck I must confess! If it is not,' the projects are privately owned', it is ' They are substandard projects' bla bla bla. The question is; Is it by force to oppose even if you are in the opposition? The Cross River State APC needs atleast a two weeks tutorials from Bro Felix Obuah and Jerry Neidam,the Rivers State PDP Chairman and his SA media to be able to live up to their responsibilities as the opposition party in the State.
Sooner or later,they will sing a new song. Mark my words!‎
Hear them again;‎
“What people don’t understand is that the Acting President was not in the state at the instance of the state government.“It was part of his routine meeting with elders and stakeholders from the South South region. It is part of the APC-led administration’s programmes to address the challenges in Niger Delta".
Between us and them,who can be said not to understand the purpose of the Acting President's visit? Is two years not have been enough for the APC led Federal Government to commission at least one Federal Government project in any of the Niger Delta States already visited? Agreed that,the Acting President was not in the State at the instance of the State Government but is it the Governors fault that he saw opportunities to proof to the Acting President that his Party in the State are mere noise makers and serial lies tellers by making him commission some of his achievements in the last two years? Is it his fault that,he was smart enough to hijack the visit making it look as if the Acting President was in the State at his instance?
The truth is, the Acting President's recent visit has only exposed the APC in the State as a party that exist only on Facebook and pages of Newspapers. Those who were at the Airport,Garment Factory, Industrial park and CICC knows what am talking about. We saw banners of some of their big names with nobody to hold them. I could count how many APC members that were present at the whole event which comprises mostly of people who still have PDP blood running through their veins.
I must commend Chief Barr Utum Eteng, one APC Chieftain I admire so much. His advise and appeal to the leaders of the Party as published on was apt even though he still refused to give it to Governor Ben Ayade for playing 'Willy Willy' on them.‎
Please let it be known that,Governor Ben Ayade did not deceive the Acting President. Every comment the Acting President made, was based on what he saw, touched and feel. Not film trick.
Na Richard Romanus talk am. If e too pain you, I dey my house for Oderegha,come beat me.‎