Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Ayade sent me threat messages because I exposed the Diversion of IDP refief Materials - Ita-Giwa -

my life is in danger
Sen. Florence Ita-Giwa has claimed that her life is in danger following threat messages sent to her phone by Governor Ben Ayade.
She said this new development is because she exposed the diversion of the relief materials she sought for from the National refugee commission for victims of fire outbreak in the internally displaced people camp at Dayspring Island
She stated further that:

“I would like the public to know that Gov. Ben Ayade, a man whose election I supported has been sending menacing text messages to me, warning me of the consequences of involving the Nigerian Media and Nigeria Police in the uncovering of the diversion of the relief materials by his government officials. As we speak, Cross River state is very unsafe, with assassinations and kidnapping becoming the order of the day. Under this cloud of general insecurity nothing must happen to me. Gov. Ayade and his gang of merry men should be told that they will be held responsible should I come to any misfortune. This self-serving campaign of calumny against me instigated by the state government is capable inciting ethnic tensions which may in turn lead to the shedding of blood a prospect I dread greatly.”