Tuesday, 20 June 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Ayade Bags another Performance Award from Cross Riverians

Since the inception of Ayade’s Government in Cross River State, the Governor has bagged series of awards from various national dailies, with the latest coming from Tell Magazine just last weekend.

Cross Riverians are aware that most of these awards are bought with tax payers money thus, they do not represent a true assessment of the governor's administration as the governor has performed very poor in all ramifications.

It is on this note that our correspondent came up with this comic relief.
One would wonder if the governor is performing very well as claimed by these national dailies why won’t the state owned news Paper Corporation “Nigerian Chronicles” also award the governor with a “Governor of the Year Award”.

Is it that the state institutions are yet to come to terms with the fact that their principal is working?
It is said that charity begins at home, if Ayade is working why is the praises, accolades and Awards not coming from within? Is the far away Vanguard, the Sun, Tell Magazine etc who are looking for funds to survive the hard fight online journalism is giving them that will know that Ayade is working?  

It is based on this that I  on behalf of all State owned and Affiliated Media House Present the award of the “Most Ineffective Governor of all times” to his Excellency Sen. Prof. Benedict Ayade, executive Governor of Cross River State.