Tuesday, 13 June 2017

C'/River Northern Leaders are the Worst Representatives in the History of Cross River - Simon Utsu

By Simon Ustu| 13 June, 2017|

Some days ago, people raised a point that my senatorial district had been unlucky with senators since 1999 and l laughed over it. But this morning I gave it an afterthought and I think I might have to agree with them.
First off, we had Musa Adede who I learnt was very inaccessible and also arrogant. Why won't he be? Wasn't he an IBB boy? An IBB boy as a Senator in the beginning of the 4th republic? Don't expect anything short of arrogance and “untouchability” from such a person‎ okay?
Next was Greg Ngagi who was nicknamed King of sleepers by some of us. The difference between Senator Greg and the current senator is, he often slept during plenary a session unlike Madam Rose who is hardly seen in plenary. Apparently, she prefers to do her own dozing at home. The former is better because if you're sleeping in the‎ chambers you can at least wake up to shout "Aii" or "Nay".
After that came Ayade Benedict. He's the current governor. Ben Ayade was quite slippery and evasive. You could never find him in his office. I remember going to check him some 5 years ago to obtain a recommendation letter and visiting his office every other day for close to two months before I could eventually have a one on one with him and it was even by chance because he was about disappearing after a rare visit to the office but someone inside spoke in our dialect to me that he was leaving through the alternate exit and I should quickly run out and 'block' him.
And now, we have the mother of all sleepers, Madam Rose Oko aka sleeping beauty aka sleeping on duty. She's never perturbed by our cries for proper representation as even the most pressing constituency issues don't seem to disturb her slumber. The most recent being the story of her murdered constituent, Mi Joy Odama which has since gone viral and has received considerable input from every well meaning politician but our Madam Rose has refused to shake body. Well, literally, I think she has, she simply woke up brought out a BIG "do not disturb" sign to hang and then changed sleeping position.
Since my post of the other day, her aides who I never knew existed have been contacting me up and down begging me to tone down. Tone down when I'm having the worst representation ever at the Senate? By the special grace of God, when the mother of all recalls is done with Senator Dino‎, it'll berth at her table next. Then she'll go down as the worst Senator Cross River North has ever produced! Selah!