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C’River SSG grammatical blunders sparks English mastery exercise, CRUTECH lecturer implicated'

The grammatical blunders made by the Secretary to Cross River State Government, Barr. Tina Abgor has sparked a lot of other blunders and in the process produced several English Teachers.
This came in as cross river’s finest blogger Effio-Ita Nyok, editor and publisher of Negroid Haven brought the SSG’s blunder to lime light, in his blog on Friday morning.
The post by Mr. Nyok which went viral on facebook was also faulted by one Top of FormBekongfe Agweye, who observed that Mr. Nyok used the word underlying instead of underlining while trying to fault the SSG. This observation by Bekongfe triggered other observations thus turning Mr. Nyoks thread to and English class with many English masters who took turns to fault almost everybody who commented on Nyok’s thread.
Mr. Conerlius Ellah a Mass communication Lecturer in CRUTECH whose core is writing had wade into the matter in a bid to exonerate  Nyok from his grammatical goof by appreciating him and wishing he was appointed Press Secretary to the SSG. The lecturer also pointed out that Nyok’s grammatical mistake is pardonable owing to the fact that he promptly apologised wishing the SSG could do same.
Below are the comment generated by Nyok’s thread on Barr. Tina’s grammatical goof:

““Top of Form
“How much will you pay for your own errors: The first is underlying a title to the letter whose phrasing is in capital case all through. Underlying and underlining doesn't mean the same thing.” Bekongfe Agweye

Efio-Ita Effiom Nyok “Thanks for the correction, please? But, how much would you charge?”

Cornelius Ellah Efio-Ita Effiom Nyok, “I admire the satire in your post. I wish the SSG could appoint you as her Press Secretary.”

Efio-Ita Effiom Nyok “Oga thank you oooo but you no say me I follow make mistake. Lol”

Cornelius Ellah “Your mistake is pardonable, my brother. The good thing is that you have admitted it. Let's see if the SSG would also admit her grammatical errors. We improve, when we admit our mistakes.”

Celestine Mel Bekongfe Agweye ‘did you say "Underlying and underlining doesn't mean the same thing"? Wow, Mr Teacher! I also put it to you that doesn't and don't, don't mean the same thing. In the rules of concord, single verbs follow plural nouns, and vice versa. So, in your own case, it should be "underlying and underlining don't mean the same thing", not "doesn't mean the same thing. Now you know, English has no master. Abi?’

‘I'm not making excuses for an SSG who is obviously dumb. How did she get there in the first place? And to think that she's an appointee of two Profs? Na wa oo!’

Newman AFIn your first paragraph, towards the ending, you only opened quotation for ''doesn't mean the same thing'' as thus: ''doesn't mean the same thing. That's not correct too.”

Chris Momnang “This is what to expect when appointments are based on all other considerations except the services the appointees can offer.”

Samuel Cassidy “Please you guys should leave her alone....lets see it as though it was a typo errors coming from a busy personality who didn't have the time to go through it. Let anyone who hasn't done such typo error be the first to cast the stone Efio-Ita Effiom Nyok...”

Emmanuel OrokLeave her alone jor abegi our roads are in a every bad situation, let’s talk about good governance”

Andrea Inyang All these critics, did you people even know that it is wrong "underlying" or "underlining" capital cased words?

That "doesn't" or "don't" or better still "doesn't not" mean you are error free.”

Celestine Mel Bekongfe Agweye “you miss the point completely.

First up. The sentence "now you know, English has no master" is grammatically and syntactically correct. It doesn't take rocket science to know that you can use a comma to connect two independent clauses in a sentence. In the instant case, "now you know" is a clause, "English has no master" is another clause. I joined both clauses with a comma to derive "now you know, English has no master". And that is perfectly correct my friend. I could have written "now you know that English has no master" as you suggested, and I would still stand correct.

That said, I guess we are collectively guilty as a people, each time we try to explain away crass incompetence of public office holders. We should name and shame them, and call them out, like we just did the SSG to CRSG. Typographical errors are no strangers in public communication. Not a big deal. But grammatically blunders such as exhibited by the SSG and her friend, Bekongfe Agweye, which are commonplace in our society today, are not to be tolerated.”

Newman AF, “I accept your correction regarding the omitted closing quotation marks. It was a typographical error.”

Maurice IkoraThis is the result when you hand pick people into sensitive positions. This is someone who hasn't held any public office. She brought AYAEDISM THE ONLY TRUE RELIGION for us to believe.”

Frank Anoh “I am more qualified to be SSG than that lawyer Tina. I can hardly spell anything wrong. It’s shameful that such public document should carry wrong spelling. Primary sch kids can spell better than this Barr.”

With the way it is going I will not say I am totally exonerated from English, grammatical or spelling flaws, so I won’t be surprise if this my post is faulted all round. As Akiba Ekpenyong will put it, Da English hard o…

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