Thursday, 1 June 2017

Exposed: Navy Vs Police, The True Stroy Behind the scene

It is no longer news that there was a gun battle between men of the Nigerian Navy and the Nigerian Police force on Tuesday Night in the metropolitan city of Calabar, the Nation's Paradise.

the social media had gone zany with various post, pictures and stories as to what caused the fracas between the two security outfits.

The aftermath of the war film that stared members of the Navy and Police leaves one with a wild imagination and thought of what might have been the immediate and remote cause of such wanton destruction of lives and properties by the Nigerian Navy.

This was what reporters from TDN took to the street and the following findings were gotten.

The immediate cause:

A navy officer had beat the traffic light at IBB by stadium on Tuesday night and was caught by the police men on duty who insisted he must be made to face the law despite he being a uniform personnel.

Later that evening some Naval officers visited the police station at Otop Abasi where their colleague was detained in an attempt to negotiate his release.

The Police still prove adamant insisting he face full wrath of the law for breaking  civil rules.

Stories has it that the Naval officers retreated, only to come back later at night crawling inside the big cutter beside the Police station in order to gain access into the barracks where they started knocking g the rooms of the unalarmed police men and started beating and molesting them and thereafter destroyed properties and bunt down cars and houses.

The Police got armed and started firing back at them.

At the end of the gun battle that ensued, two police men were killed and two severely injured while none of the Naval Officers lost their life, only one with a minor injury on his right shoulder who is faring well in a naval hospital.

That was what led to the gun battle of Tuesday night.

Another question that have been left unanswered is who gave the Naval Officers the weapons they used in executing their evil plan? I ask this question based on an insider tip off I got from an ex-Naval personnel. He said Navy do not keep their riffles unlike the police so for the boys to have gotten access to the armory to get weapons, then Whoever is in charge of Navy in the state can be fingered in this case. Because the order must have come from him.

But TDN believes the grouse between the two security forces did not start that Tuesday night. There might have been a build up that only exploded that fateful Tuesday night.

True to our thinking, when our reporter talked to some officers of the forces involved, a lot was revealed.

There has been this issue of supremacy over the Nigerian Police by the other three military arm of the federation. The Army, Navy and Air Force. These three have serious grouse with the police force.

It was later gathered that the police force is always trying to measure up with the other three military forces just because they also handle riffles and are all called uniform/ security personnel.

One of the naval details TDN spoke with said that we can't be compared to them given that they have messed up their outfit with corruption. 50Naira will not allow them do the right thing and even when they attempt to do it the do not do it correctly and yet they want to measure up with us.

TDN also gathered that there is also a genetically motivated hatred for the police by the Army, Navy and air force.
This is so because consciously or unconsciously the Navy man has been trained to look down on his fellow security operative just because he is on a black uniform. Take for instance there's a song the Navy sings either in camp or when they are on cross country. It goes this way.

“After God o, Navy
Anything on black and black o
For gutter"

With this kind of songs and many others tell me how a Naval Officer will have respect for a police officer.

For the police, TDN gathered that they have unconsciously and gradually forgotten that the other Three are superior to them by virtue of their job description and treatment by the government. They just believe that since they are all entitled to rifles etc they can still roll as palely which the other three would have accepted but not for the filthiness the police have engaged themselves in.

As it stands TDN would not want to a portion blame but in a telephone discussion with a top government official in the state, I could hear him say,

"Although the government have brought normalcy to the situation, having heard what really transpired from both camps, I will say the NAVY DIDN'T DO WELL!"

Below are pictures that describe what actually happened