Monday, 19 June 2017

Father's Day 2017: 12 Powerful Quotes from Sam Adeyemi

1.         There is power in a father's blessing. People in the Bible valued it because it changed their status & caused them to prosper

2.         A blessing gives you capacity for dominion. The first thing God did at creation to Man was to bless him

3.         The Father's role is very strategic and Satan understands this and that is why he wants to distract Fathers

4.         When you value God & realize the spiritual world influences our physical world, you will know the importance of the Blessing.

5.         As Fathers we have got to learn to always speak the blessings over our wives and our children.

6.         As Fathers we have to always express love and care for our family.

7.         A blessing needs to be activated by faith. You can live below the capacity of your blessing if you do not walk by faith.

8.         The ultimate Father is God. The first thing He did to Adam and Eve was to bless them.

9.         As we read the story of Esau in Genesis 27: 33-36 we see how Esau values the blessings more than his birthright.

10.   When Esau missed it, he cried. He did not realize in the blessing was embedded in the birthright.

11.   To be blessed is to be empowered and a blessing is conferred through a pronouncement.

12.   The Blessing is transferable. Every smart person knows how to connect with a Blessed man to receive the Blessings.
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