Thursday, 15 June 2017

How Government House Press threw Subtle Jab at C'/River Deputy Governor

This Picture is branded GHP Calabar indicating that it was taken by Government House Press in Calabar and leaked to the public.

I really don't know if there's any other way to humiliate a humble old man than this?

But it also beats my imagination as I wonder how on earth will Ayade allow his Deputy who is old enough to be his father be his Umbrella Man even in the presence of other aides?

Ayade has over 5,000 aides and out of all these numerous appointees na Deputy governor come cover am Umbrella, Hmmm! There's God o.

If this picture was taken by accident shouldn't the GHP know that such a picture in public glare will have several interpretations?

TDN contacted a professional photographer in Cross River state Capital city who said it was unprofessional for such picture to go public because of the message it will send out. whoever leaked this picture did not mean well for the humble Ivara Esu.

Recently, there have been talks that the Deputy Governor seems to be a stooge in Government House as he was denied many amenities, rights and privileges, not until he pleaded with his cousin the Chief Justice of the Federation, Walter Oneghen in making sure Ayade remains in power when he was almost ousted out of office for alleged age declaration.

Just last week, the state college of Education which is resident in the southern senatorial district of the state employed about 100 Cross Riverians with Biase home of the Deputy Governor producing just two employees while Obudu LGA where the Chairman Governing Council ( Ayade's Cousin) of the school hails from produced 13 employees. what a humbling Flaw?