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I want to become a Gynaecologist- Joyce Ewa, Winner of Calabar Poetry Competition (INTERVIEW)

Joyce Ewa, Star Prize Winner of Calabar Poetry Competition

While Cross Riverians were celebrating the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of the state, some teenagers were busy working out their brains at the Box (James Ene Henshaw Foundation) beside Transcorp Hotel as they competed for the star prize of the Calabar Teens Poetry Competition.

The Competition which took place on Monday, 29th May was organized by Teens Issues, an organization that sees to the total well being of teenagers in our society in Partnership with Poets in Nigeria.

   Miss Joyce Ewa, a 14year old Senior Secondary School Student of Hilcrest High School, Calabar was declared Winner of the Calabar Teens Poetry Competition 2017 by the judges. 

In this interview with Veralyn Chinenye of Beau2fulfeet. Miss Joyce Ewa gives an insight to what led to her clinching the Star prize of the competition.

B2f: Good to have you, Miss. Joyce
Miss. Joyce: The pleasure is mine...
B2f:How is life with you?
Miss. Joyce: Well, well, fine-fine...
Not really easy, especially with distractions beckoning all around. 

B2f:Let's talk about these distractions
Miss. Joyce: As teenagers in school we are faced with distraction from social media, party and peer pressure, but we just have to focus on the things that are important-Our studies.
Joyce and her Siblings
B2f:So you don't socialize, you the bookworm kind of girl?
Miss. Joyce: Yes, I will agree with that title, but not withstanding, it doesn't prevent me from engaging in my hobbies and skills.
B2f: What are these hobbies/skills that can match school activities?
Miss. Joyce: Well, that's why I said earlier, important things first.
I am a student, a choir leader in a singing club in school and also a writer, through which I got in to the competition and emerged winner and I also dance a bit.

B2f: Speaking about the competition, how does it feel been the winner?
Miss. Joyce: I feel so happy and privileged.
I never expected it. I just came to try out my skill.
I would just say a very big thank you to God who made me a winner.

Pst. Dr. & Mrs Desmond Ewa, Joyce Happy Parents
B2f:We learnt a cash prize was given to you, how do you intend to spend it?
Miss. Joyce: I will give it to my mum, who will remove my tithe and keep the rest...
But I will still buy something... (Laughs)

B2f:How has the writing journey been?
Miss. Joyce: I write at leisure, sometimes I'm inspired by something and sometimes I am not.
My first poem was written 2013, I just watched a tree, got inspired and wrote.
It was appreciated, although my first. (Smiles)
B2f:Do you see writing as a career for you in the future.
Miss. Joyce: Not exactly, I intend to study Medicine.
I want to become a Gynaecologist.
Although, writing can come to play also, but Gynaecology will be my main focus.

B2f:Why Gynaecology?
Miss. Joyce: I think my love to see people fit and okay is my driving force. Especially with women and their reproductive organs being healthy and always in check.
B2f: Do you think you have made a mark at your age?

A Happy Joyce Displaying her Cheque
Miss. Joyce: I can't really say, maybe persons would have to answer that for me.
But, I don't think I have really made a mark as I should have. Because my favourite book still remains "I wish I knew this before I was Fourteen" by Tekena Ikoko.
I just have to work hard and focus on important things, because time waits for no man.

Joyce and her Family

B2f: What's your word for young people out there?
Focus on what is important. Your studies, skills and talents and so on...
Don't waste your life on irrelevant things, because time waits for no man.
So harness your talents and skills accordingly and let it make you shine.
Parents, please be supportive of your kids, watch them closely and train them in the fear of God.

B2f: Woah! Woah! Woah!
It was mesmerising talking to you.
The feeling is mutually shared.
Miss. Joyce: Thanks so much.
B2f: You are welcome.

Ukorebi Esien 
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