Thursday, 22 June 2017

See me see wahala o! Man Sacks wife for enjoying sex with robbers

A Lagos based man from Benue whose name has been withheld has asked his newly married wife to pack her belongings out of his house for making some “Funny moaning” sounds while being raped by armed robbers in his presence.

The man who just came back from the village where he went to complete the marital rite of his wife when the ugly incident happened He  visited by robbers who demanded for money he explained to them that he didn’t have any money at home save 3,500 since he had spent everything he had during his traditional marriage.
The armed robbers feeling disappointed decided to take turns on his wife in his presence at gun point.

However, when the robbers left after raping his wife, the man who is a commercial bus driver was said to have raised hell accusing the wife of enjoying sex as she was moaning  in excitement and twisting her waist as the robbers where taking on her.

The visibly angry man was quoted telling his neighbors. “Imagine my wife was busy making some funny sounds, an indication that she was enjoying the sex, even in my presence.”

Stories has it that the man has ordered his wife out of his house as according to him the woman has disgraced him as it is against their tradition for a married woman to have sex with another man. The man said he is afraid of what the gods of his land will do to him, therefore, he has asked the wife to return to the village for cleansing rites and sacrifices to be carried out