Friday, 9 June 2017

SHOCKING: 10 Crazy Items Women Substitute for Dildo an online news site carried out an investigation and revealed 10 other items some women confessed to have used as a substitute for dildo.

1. "A vibrating toothbrush." - Happiness 

2. "I sometimes grind against the edge of my mattress." - Onaolapo

3. "I have stuck a hairbrush handle up there." - Kay

4. "One day, I tried using my lip gloss container." - Grace

5. "A TV remote." - Abidemi

6. "My boyfriend has put my vibrating phone in me." - Anne

7. "I tried a cucumber.  It wasn't bad." - Ayo

8. "I thought it would be interesting to use a banana one time."- Mimi

9. "I have used a candle." - Foluke.

10. "The handle of a tennis racket." - Zee