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Why should that rascally thug with intellectual deficiencies call my hero incompetent? ‎ Simon Utsu Fires Back at Nnamdi Kanu

The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi kanu took a swipe at the former president of Nigeria Dr. Goodluck Jonathan calling him weak and incompetent. This was in an interview with the Daily Sun News Paper.
According to Kanu, “Jonathan is my uncle, yes. I was one of those who said Jonathan’s tenure was more or less an Igbo presidency; it’s on record I said that. But, he knew I never liked his regime because he was weak and incompetent.”
Kanu’s statement has provoked response from well meaning Nigerians and Lovers of Jonathan. They have taken turns to respectively reply him, each giving him a piece of their mind.

Cross River Born Social Commentator and Political analyst cum banker Simon Utsu was not left out when he called Nnamdi Kanu a school dropout with “intellectual deficiencies and academic incompetence.”
Utsu went ahead to enumerate most of Jonathan’s act which according to him is enough to call him a hero. All these were capture in Utsu’s article which he themed “Under Jonathan’s Series” posted on his facebook wall
Below is the complete article from Simon Utsu
This is my leader, his name is Goodluck Jonathan, an epitome of competence and the quintessential example of a world class leader. He was a pioneer student of the University of Port Harcourt where he nearly graduated with a 1st class save for some last minute administrative technicalities. He went on to obtain his Master's and Doctorate degrees. Later on in his blissful life, he became a deputy governor, then governor. Shortly after, he became a vice President and rose to the position of acting President before being made a substantive president...how can such good lightening strike almost five times in the life of just one man and you call him incompetent? He was the first Nigerian president to make an Igbo man the chief of Army staff- breaking an unwritten Federal political tradition in the process. He defied a senate resolution/vote and went ahead to accord Ojukwu what was a state burial by all standards. He was also the first to circumvent the constitution and make an Igbo woman his coordinating minister- a portfolio that drew the ire of power brokers from all across the country. He was also the only President in recent history that allocated oil blocs within Nigeria to an Igbo man- At least I know of Ernest 'Obi-Jackson' Azudialu(of Nestoil and Neconde oil). He also stepped on toes to ensure an Igbo man, Emeka Offor won a bid to own a Disco(distribution company). Under Jonathan, Ifeanyi Ubah became a financial giant and his company a conglomerate to reckon with. Under Jonathan, Arthur 'Arthur 1000' Eze found his mojo once again and made so much money such that, he blessed himself with a 50+ million USD dollar gulfstream private jet at the end of his GEJ;s tenure. Under Jonathan, Innoson stopped manufacturing bikes and started manufacturing Cars and aeroplane parts. 
As President, he surrounded himself with the best Igbo minds. So if he was incompetent, it means his core team members primarily made up of Igbos where incompetent isn't it? 

Under Jonathan, Nigeria's economy became number 1 in Africa and was listed amongst the top five fastest growing economies in the world. Food was cheap as our agriculture sector came back to life. Under Jonathan, the education sector was given top priority, lecturers from all parts of the country were sent out en mass to go study and gather international exposure, first class graduates were sent to the best universities in the world under the aeges of the Pressid scholarship which he instituted.
Under Jonathan....Wow, ‎I can go on and on in this my under Jonathan series, what an incompetent man, he must really be an 'under' achiever....
So why do some Igbos keep insisting that Jonathan did nothing for them and why should that rascally thug who couldn't even complete his undergraduate studies in UNN obviously due to intellectual deficiencies and academic incompetence come out to call my hero and leader incompetent?
As Nnamdi Kanu begins to attend public functions and grants interviews one begins to wonder if the Court will retract the bail granted him?

Ukorebi Esien

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