Monday, 17 July 2017

2 years scorecard APC Lost Own Poll

As civil societies and other concern bodies conduct online polls to ascertain whether the present APC led federal Government is delivering in all its Campaign promises, The All Progressive Congress APC also took to their twitter handle to conduct an online poll.

The result of the poll is nothing to write home about as the APC did not just loss in their poll but the loss was colossal. 

In the poll, 53% of the respondent voted for poor performance,
33% went for average performance, only 10% of the respondents voted for excellent performance while 4% of the voters were indifferent.

In the same vein, Sahara reporters’ online pool conducted had 52% of voters voting for very disappointing, 36% of the voters voting for highly satisfactory and 12% did not care.

Channels television twitter online poll also had 34% voting for good performance, 49% voting for Bad Performance and 17% of the voters were indifferent

Ukorebi Esien
Blogs and edits for TDN