Friday, 7 July 2017

2019: Ayade's Aide moves to unseat Owan Enoh, says Obubra/Mbembe should be considered


Over the last one month, Several political analyst and Politicians  from Yakurr Local Government Extraction have flooded Facebook and other Social media platforms with several write ups stating reasons why one of their own should be considered for the 2019 Senatorial Seat for Central Senatorial district currently occupied by Distinguished Senator John Owan Enoh.

According to them, A Senatorial Seat for a Yakurr man represents Justice, fairness and equity in the Spread of political offices in the zone.

Like a popular maxim rightly opined "He who comes into equity must come with clean hands". If this is true as i I believe it is, then my yakurr brothers have no moral justification to ask for the  Senatorial Seat of the district when their Obubra/Mbembe brothers are in the race for the same position. I say this because,no Local Government has been so cheated,sidelined,abused and deprived politically like Obubra. This even became so obvious that,a former Governor of Cross River State,had to describe  the LGA as one that is outside the political orbit of the State.

Below is a comprehensive list of five out of sx Local Government Areas that have occupied various elective and legislative seats across the  Senatorial district since 1992 till date;‎

Chief Clement Ebri- Governor (1992-1993)-Yakurr

Senator Liyel Imoke- Senator (1992-1993), Governor (2007-2015)-Abi

Senator Mathew Mbu- Senator (1999-2003) Boki

Senator Victor Ndoma Egba- Senator (2003-2015) Ikom

Senator John Owan Enoh- Senator (2015 till date) Etung

From the above, it can be clearly seen that while virtually all the Local Government Areas including Yakurr,that makes up the district has at one time or the other occupied offices that cuts across the entire Senatorial District and the State in General, only Obubra has not been found worthy for such an opportunity. It is on record that the highest any Obubra/Mbembe son has gone is the position of a deputy Governor and most recently,House of Representatives. Where did they go wrong? Aren't they qualified to contest for these offices one may like to ask!

To the best of my knowledge, the Obubra/ Mbembe people have had and still have more than a thousand and one persons with all the qualifications you can think of for any position. The hard truth is that, successive Government have continuously made it almost impossible for an Mbembe man to seek for a major political office like his counterparts in other LGAs that make up the district in spite of being the mother Local Government to Yakurr and Abi. The last person that dared tried to contest for the position of a Governor against all odds suffered all manner of political persecution and later died mysteriously in the person of Late Chief John Oyom Okpa.

My Prayers;

I must first and foremost commend Governor Ben Ayade for the seeming interest he has shown and is still showing in the Obubra Political situation through the numerous appointments of its Sons and Daughters. I must confess that he has since assumption of office showed signs of willingness to redeem the Obubra/Mbembe people from years of political injustice.

It is my wish that himself,his party and all other major stakeholders of the Party including the man I like to called 'The Grand Master' the immediate past Governor of the State,Senator Liyel Imoke seriously consider an Mbembe Son or Daughter for the 2019 Senatorial Seat for Central Senatorial District.

For me, this is not only in the spirit of fair play,equity and Justice but a necessary move towards integrating the Obubra/Mbembe People in the 'Political Orbit of the State' having been left out for such a long period of time.

Finally, it is my wish and prayers that the 2019 Senatorial Seat be use to placate the Obubra/Mbembe People for the several years of political injustice meted on them in spite of their unarguable support for successive administrations since 1999 till date after all,what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

These are my prayers!

Richard Romanus is from Obubra.‎