Friday, 14 July 2017

2019: Makafi’s Victory and Ayade’s fate, My 2pence Advice

The Supreme Court had Wednesday declared Sen. Makarfi as the authentic national chairman of the PDP and many political pundits who understand the political terrene and present state of Cross River political climate will agree with me that Makafi’s victory spells doom for CRS PDP especially for Ayade’s return in 2019.

Following what Ayade and the state party chairman did in the course of the struggle for the office of the national chairman between Makarfi and Sheriff, it is crystal clear that Makarfi will ensure Ayade does not emerge as the party’s flag bearer in 2019.

Last December, after Ayade’s Supreme Court victory over Joe Agi, the PDP state chairman under  Ayade's watch had publicly declared the state’s support and solidarity to the sheriff led faction of the PDP and subsequently, Sheriff made several uncalled visits to Ayade which in one of such visits, he was alleged to have said Ayade was one of the best governor in Nigeria and that he is even working harder than most APC governors.

With the current turn of events, one begins to wonder where Ayade stands now, because for sure most of sheriff’s faction will be emptied in the wide and open ocean of the APC, despite Makarfi’s call for reconciliation and harmonization of interest. Will Ayade also follow the band wagon into APC and fulfill the prophesies of some Political Pundits in Cross River State? Or will he be humble enough to seek for forgiveness from Makarfi and be sure of 2019?

What is confusing about Ayade as regards this issue is his nature. By nature Ayade is a proud man and as such Ayade going to seek for forgiveness from Makarfi may be like the case of a camel passing through the needle’s eye. 

But on the other hand Ayade is also known for being very sly. So it can also be predicted that in his sly nature, he will find his way into Makarfi’s heart just like he did with Buhari immediately after 2015 elections dumping Jonathan and PDP to marry Buhari and APC national. 

Unfortunately this romance was cut short when a video where he purportedly spoke ill of Buhari during his 2015 campaign in Ikom was licked out to Buhari.

If you ask me, I will say I see Ayade upholding his Pride and making judicious use of is natural gift of deviousness to manipulate his way into either the APC fold through the bargaining power of Sheriff or into the mainstream PDP led by Makarfi. 

My predictions has also taken cognisance of the fact that Makarfi also paid a courtesy visit to Ayade just three months ago.

Whatever Ayade will be doing between now and 2019 will be deemed as a desperate measure to at least grasp some fresh air of assurance of gaining access into the government house come 2019.

It is on this premise that I put up this three piece advice to Ayade

1.  Ayade should forget about the advice he might be receiving from anyone which have thus far plunged him into this mess. Cross Riverians love him but his actions take him far from their heart thus all he needs to do now is serve the masses not his brother Frank Ayade. He needs to Provide basic amenities to the masses such as security, steady water supply, rural development and return calabar to its clean and green nature and finally boost tourism in his bid to industrialize the state. We need our governor to be a man at least for once and take his own decisions independent of Frank.

The Ayade I knew as a senator is a total opposite from the Ayade we now have as governor, we need our Senatorial Ayade back.

2.  Ayade should be bold and courageous to contest 2019 election under whatever platform he thinks will give him victory regardless what people think, YDP, PDP, APC etc. Truth be told Ayade can win an election even under YDP. He is young and energetic and the party structure suits him, he has over 5,000 young foot soldiers who can mobilize young people for him and we all know that Nigerians voting strength is the youth. Even with a party like the Young Democratic Party, Ayade’s dream of digitalizing Cross River state can still be actualized come 2019. 

Ayade should take a clue from what happened in Osun west where Adeleke being the people’s choice won his election under the unpopular umbrella of the PDP as against the mighty sweeping broom of the APC. All he needs to do is to make himself popular amongst Cross Riverians and they shall vote for notwithstanding the party.

3.  Ayade should love and know God. There’s now how I would have completed this advise and fill satisfied if I did not mention God and one of Ayade’s main source of power. The governor should take a clue from the Bible where God had sent His prophet to Hezekiah asking him to set his house in order for he shall surely die, and Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and called on the name of God and God heard his cry and added fifteen more years to him. If Ayade can seek God’s face, even if he wasn’t destined to win 2019 elections, God can still change the verdict to his favour.

This is my opinion, your opinions are welcome.

Ukorebi Esien
Blogs and Edits for TDN