Thursday, 20 July 2017

C'River YCN chairman comr. Ndiyo attacked by robbers

The Cross River state chairman, National Youth council of Nigeria Comr. Ndiyo Ndiyo was on Tuesday robbed in Uyo, along Udua Ekpa road on his way back from Benin, Edo state where he attended an official event.

Narrating his ordeal to our correspondence, Mr. Ndiyo said he arrived Uyo late at night and insisted on coming down to Calabar to attend to some other pressing issues the next day.

He said he was still inside the bus he boarded along Udua Ekpa junction waiting for more passengers, when some boys about seven in number approached them, telling them that there is a cult war going on within the environment and in the process they were harassed and robbed.

“When they approached me, the landed me a dirty slap to intimidate me and show that there were not joking, they demanded for my phone and money which I gave to them without delay nor resistance because the phone and money on me those not worth my life. I also noticed they were heavily armed.” he said.

The robbers carted away with his phone worth N65, 000 and a cash amount of N50, 000. Mr. Ndiyo said he is grateful to God that his life was spared and northing happened to him except for the lost of his phone and the cash which is in no way compared to his life.  

Ukorebi Esien 
Blogs and Edits for TDN