Monday, 24 July 2017

Finally C’River H/Assembly Declares Elocate seat vacant for defecting to APC

The Cross river state House of Assembly had on Friday declared Hon. Elocate Okora's seat vacant because he defected early this month to the opposition APC.

The House leadership in a motion moved by Leader of the House, Hon.
Moses Ocheche, member representing Obanlikwu state constituency
invoked section 109(g)2 to punish Okora for defecting to APC.

The House had through its Speaker, Rt. Hon. John Gaul Lebo, in a resolution asked INEC to conduct a election within 180 days to fill in the vacant position.

In his reaction Hon. Okora said, “I explained the fact that that section is talking
about defecting to a party other than the one you contested election except that the party from which you have defected from has official crisis.”

 'I explained the crises which rocked the party since it's convention in Port Harcourt up till the day I took the decision. The resolution of the crises is just merely on Friday and indeed a justification of the fact that there were crises which was a basis of my decision'. The law maker said

Dr. Okora stated, "I addressed the house and told them that they are taking a decision based on a correspondent that I sent to the house. I already articulated my reasons for defecting to another party and those reasons find credence in the constitutional window".

The lawmaker claimed that the legislature have no competence to explain matters of such nature as matter of such nature were better explain by court of competent jurisdiction.

When asked if he would go to court to seek redress, the law maker said, if the decision that I took have affected the political party, I think the party has a national character the party will definitely wade into the matter.

The embattled lawmaker maintained that his decision to quit the PDP was constitutional adding that section109 (g)2 gives any one the right to leave the party whenever the party was in trouble.

He said that the trouble which brewed up in the PDP since the Port Hacourt convention threw the entire PDP in crises from the national to the ward level stressing that for anyone to claim that there were no crises in the PDP was ridiculous.