Saturday, 8 July 2017

Insecurity in C'River: De Mandate group calls for state security adviser's resignation

In recent times, there have several security issues in cross river state ranging from kidnapping, to cult clashes, robbery, communal wars, etc. The recent which is the attack on the life of Cross's Special adviser on youth affairs, Prince Edward Godwin popularly called Prince7 on Thursday 6th July at his State housing estate residence in calabar.

This attack is the basis on which a member of de mandate, a sociopolitical group given to engaging government and public office holders and demanding for accountability wrote this master piece demanding for prompt actions to be taken to curb unprecedented season of insecurity before it becomes insurmountable.

In his article, Bright demands for the resignation of thee state security adviser for failing to provide a lasting provision to the insecurity faced by the state in the last two years.

The article which has since made waves on facebook reads in full:


Cross River State has over the years earned itself the title of the most peaceful state in Nigeria. It was believed that whenever you are in the state you are always at rest without worries or any trepidation as the Case maybe. But presently, such title as the peaceful state has suddenly eroded and faded away, it has been replaced with such title as the most dreaded and unsecured state in the country. How this insecurity mysteriously crept into the state is a question that is on the lips of all Cross Riverians. 

The people are no longer safe in their own state. Innocent people die on daily basis, so many people’s properties have been destroyed and people are losing confidence in not just the government of the day, but also in themselves because the possibility of seeing the next day is no longer guaranteed. In the City of Calabar Currently, anything can transpire at any time, if you are not hit by a straight bullet, you maybe hit by a stray one, In any case, the situation is terrible. 

The residents of Calabar, the capital city of Cross River State have suddenly become sport men and women who are always poised to take to their toes at any time an unimaginable happens or seems to happen. If you have not done a marathon race before, the city is no longer safe for you because anything can happen. For those of you who are in Calabar South you cannot but attest to it that the situation is worst. I will not be doing a disservice to my State to say the fact that, the whole situation in Cross River State is quite opprobrious, gloomy and highly condemnable.

From the four corners of the State one cannot gainsay the fact that there is social unrest, an inextinguishable conflagration has engulfed and submerged the state. Cultism in Obubra, Cultism in Yakurr, cultism in Calabar, Obudu etc. Kidnapping in every nook and cranny of the state, militancy in Bakassi and Boki, and above all, communal wars in Obubra, Yakurr, Odukpani, Akamkpa, Abi, Yala, Obudu etc. Oil palm estate saga in Boki where many have also died. In all that is happening, Cross Riverians wonder if there is any state government policy to attenuate and assuage the plights of the people. 

The worst of it is that, people who are in government and who purported to be serving the people are deeply involved in wars taking arms against the people they claim to represent. To instantiate this assertion is a case of a former Councilor in Yala whose photograph has gone viral on social media with a gun after killing the people he claimed to have represented as a Councilor. This left me with no choice but to aver that leaders are not the people’s representative anywhere as everybody represents his/herself, take it or leave it, the unvarnished truth is lying bare. 

The unique question here is, what is the position of the state security advisor in this cataclysm that is befalling the people in the state? It is the government that controls the apparatus and instruments of violence in any society, it behooves the government to act or not to act in which case it becomes a benign neglect. However, another question that is mind blowing is, can the present government under the leadership of Prof. Benedict Ayade in the company of Mr. Jude Ngaji as the state security adviser successfully arrest and deal with the seeming insurmountable security situation in the state? or are we going to suffer the fate until the end of this tenure? your guess is as good as mine. There is no problem that is insurmountable, all you need is the right policies in place and the leadership acumen to implement the policies. 

It will not be out of place therefore to say that the chief problem of this government is putting square pecks in the round holes. While Mr. Jude Ngaji, the son of the former senator representing Northern Senatorial district of the state served as the chief of staff to the former governor, I will not be speaking tongue in cheek to say that he is not competent enough in the very position he occupies now in the state. He does not look like one who has the perspicacity of security issues and hence should be swapped with a security guru or resign immediately. The office of the security adviser anywhere should be manned by a retired but not tired security officer who has the security acumen and well vest with the act and possibly science of security and security management, otherwise, anything short of this, the people are doomed, such is the case in Cross River State. 

Suffice it to say that the insecurity in Cross River has over riped and protruded such that is begging for a security summit to scout for a way forward. If the government continues to overlook the people in this devilish situation, they will surely not go unscathed some day. It will be greatly appalling on my part to say that the dooms day is here for Cross Riverians, but it will not be out of place to say that.


The views represented in this article are that of the author TDN did not in anywhere influence his view