Monday, 17 July 2017

Insecurity: You are at the verge of losing in 2019, De-mandate Advocate writes an open letter to Ayade

A sociopolitical group in Cross River State have called on the Governor of the state Sen. Benedict Ayade to as a matter of urgency revamp the once peaceful state that has now turn a den of warriors, kidnappers, and cultist to its peaceful, clean and green state just as he met it in 2015.

The group which wrote an open letter and made it available to TDN says   the Governor “delay in improving the security situation in the state, he will surely have the resultant effect come 2019”

The group however expressed their readiness to partner the government in staging proactive security manwalk, symposiums, LGAs security sensitization and workshops.

Also stressing the need for the state to revisit its security policies, De Mandate said this is one of the measures of ending the increasing communal clashes, kidnapping cult fight and other security threats that have taken over the state in recent times.

The open letter reads below:

15 July 2017
His Excellency
Senator Professor Ben Ayade
The Executive Governor of Cross River State

Dear sir,

I write to bring to your notice that it is time to launch Cross River State on the path of growth, development and Security Dependent. It has become a matter of State emergency and concern for De-Mandate Advocate to read on the pages of news papers that your government have not called for resolution and youthful security manwalk in all LGAs in the State . It is very sad and dangerous.

We remember it was part of your manifesto, does it mean you wanted to reap where you did not sow? and if you told Crossriverians that growth, development and Security was just a cardinal point it means you played Crossriverians 419. Any body who says they weren't t part of your manifesto hate this state. This was the base for your general acceptability with absolute trust, faith, hope and believe, so when you dismiss this call, it's means you have no clue to the root problems confronting Cross River State.

Our state is currently operating a feeding bottle system, a caricature leadership more or less a unitarised system where nobody's input counts.
To replenish the feeding bottle is a situation about to back fire and collapse completely. When people are agitating and there are several calls for solutions to the increasing insecurity challenges. it is very vital as a matter of State emergency to listen to them. Bring everyone to a round table by visiting other government systems of security report and begin to rework the security policies for the State to shed weight. We are currently operating a unitary policy masquerading as State policies.

We De-Mandate Advocate and other relevant Civil society groups in the state are ready to partner with the Government of the state to stage proactive security manwalk, symposiums, LGAs security sensitization and workshops.. We need to re-visit the state security policies and increase communal vigilante plus insecurity whistle blowing...

His Excellency, the cry of your flocks are increasingly demanding.. The faith and fate in your Government is varnishing and diffusing into thin air. We demand your immediate call to salvage this menace which is becoming increasingly alarming and distractive, thereby crippling residents and citizens activities in the state.

We will be grateful if this challenges is managed with immediate effect to safeguard our mandates and our dear state, from totally losing it glorious time thereby saving your government from total lost in confidence. Remember, the number duty of a government is to safe lifes and properties of its people.

Thanks in anticipation of your quick response

De-Mandate Advocate