Monday, 10 July 2017

Int'l Town Criers Day: TDN Nominates Ifere Paul C'river Town Crier of the Year 2017

As the United nations sets aside today, 10 July to celebrate the historical role town criers had played in our various societies towards the dissemination of information, TDN-The Daily News has therefore deemed it fit to single out Ifere Paul as our Town crier for the year, for the modern town crying role he has judiciously and continuous played over the years especially in Cross river state.

In olden times, when few people were literate, and there was little access to printed media, town criers were a central part of urban living. Town criers were responsible for keeping the populace up to date with the latest news and events, and for disseminating news from the ruling classes to the wider populace.

Now, the general literacy of the populace, and the ease of access to printed (and digital) media has rendered the town crier somewhat redundant – TDN celebrates the historical role of the town crier by encouraging people to take up the role of the town crier in their town or city.

It is undoubtedly clear that Ifere Paul has played the modern town crying role for Cross riverians both home and abroad. Many facebook users will attest to the fact they get informed and enlightened as well as updated with happenings in Cross river River state. How he does it is what I don’t know, but one thing is sure, Ifere will always know and post what is happening in the state. What really amazes me is that Ifere is not resident in Calabar but far away Abuja yet he has instant and constant access to happenings in the state.

Many may not like his style or approach of disseminating information, some say he is ant-Ayade, others say he is Pro-APC or Pro Owan Enoh, but the truth remains that Ifere keeps us all updated, most time with insider’s information about hidden agendas, plots and intentions against Cross River state and her citizens.