Thursday, 6 July 2017

Kelvin Isaac, Founder of Erudites for Change Initiative is Plus one today

KELVIN ISAAC EZOR fondly called DON KELIE by his friends and associates is a future politician cum leader that will bring joy to his people in no distant time.
NATIVITY: Born three decades ago in Ngarabe, a suburb town of Igbo-Ekureku in Abi LGA of Cross River State. He is of the Agbo speaking group of Ekoi tribe.

Started Pre -Primary education at St. Michael's Primary School, Ngarabe in 1989 and thereafter, proceeded to Presbyterian Primary School, Ekureku-Be in 1992. After the death of his late Dad, his maternal aunt took him to continue his primary school education at Urban Community Primary School, Abakaliki, where he wrote and passed First School Leaving Certificate Examination in 1997.

 The love to be closer to his mum's last sibling, made him to relocate back to his state, Cross River after his Primary School education to start secondary school. Later, in September, of that same year, 1997, Kelvin Ezor was to be admitted into Junior Secondary School 1 at Community Secondary School, Itigidi (COSSIT). Upon completion of his Junior Secondary School education, his passion for engineering ( he had wanted studying Aeronautic Engineering) drove him back to Abakaliki, where he was enrolled at the prestigious Government Technical College, Abakaliki in 2000. 

Kelvin, who doesn't take chances, on seeing that he won't be admitted into any of the Engineering departments of the college, quickly make haste and returned back to his first school, COSSIT and continue with his old friends in SSS 2 in 2002. Though, at Government Technical College, he was admitted into the department of Business Education - which was the only department for all liberal arts, social sciences, commercial and humanities and competed favourably with his classmates then.

 This made two  of his teachers then to query others why must they allowed a student coming from Cross River State to performed excellently better than them.
Coming back to an institution he once excelled academically, was one of his greatest joy as he was more prepared to compete with his former close academic rivals and those that came after he had left.

He left an indelible legacy in COSSIT as the only Chapel Prefect that introduced beret and socks as part of school uniform.
He is an alumnus of Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki. He graduated from the department of Political Science in 2011 and was mobilized for his mandatory National Youth Corp Service in 2012.

 He was originally posted to Kaduna state and after doing his orientation camp at the Black Gold NYSC camp, Kaduna, he was redeployed to Ebonyi State.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP: Kelvin Ezor is a Chartered member of Nigerian Institute of Management. He was inducted in 2013 at the National Theater, Lagos.

Just like Shakespeare said that "some are born great, some achieve greatness and some, greatness was thrusted on them", Kelvin Ezor is a born leader who took after the legacies of his beloved late Dad. He has held the following positions of leadership at different occasions:
*  Founder/Chief Admin, Ngarabe City
* Founder, Erudites for Change Initiative (NGO)
*Founding Member, Ngarabe Patriotic Elite Movement (NPEM)
* General Secretary, NYSC, Effium zone (2012/2013 Batch B)
* Coordinator, Peer Educator Trainer, NYSC, Effium Zone
* Eleco Secretary, Federation of Ekureku Students Union World Wide (FESU WW), 2011/2012
* Secretary General, FESU WW, 2009/2010
Assistant Secretary, FESU, EBSU Chapter, 2008/2009
* Assistant Director of Socials, FESU, EBSU Chapter
* Member, Constitutional Review Committee, FESU WW, 2010
Secretary General, ACOMSCO 2003 interim
* Coordinator, Video- Audio Outreach, Deeper Life Campus Fellowship, EBSU, Ishieke Campus, 2008-2009
* Founding Member and Assistant Secretary, Ekureku
Businessmen Association, Ojodu, Lagos, 2005-2006
* Chapel Prefect, Community Secondary School, Itigidi, 2002-2003

Politics, Writing, Research, Public Policy Analysis and Making Friends.
Presently, Kelvin Ezor is a Media Support staff to the Director General, Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency where he reports most of the agency's activities through social media platforms.

As we celebrate a young prolific writer and a future leader, we wish him more fruitful years ahead.
Happy birthday, Kelvin!