Wednesday, 19 July 2017

NegroidHaven publisher slams YDP quondam leader with 8 questions bordering State Secretariat

As the squabble between the leadership of Young Democratic Party YDP and its defected leaders continues, Efio-Ita Nyok, Publisher of NegroidHaven has taken a swab at the former leader of the party Mr. Anthony Bissong Attah for allegedly confiscating YDP’s secretariat on the grounds that the property was gotten in his name also claiming that he donated it to his former party.

Mr. Nyok, a veteran and astute blogger has fired the turncoat  leader of YDP some eight (8) mind blowing questions as surrounding the ownership of the said property and his purported donation of the property to his then party. I pray Mr. Attah finds time to provide answers to these questions

Front view of YDP's secretariat 

Below are the questions begging for answers:

Anthony Bissong Attah gifted the Young Democratic Party (YDP) a property at Marian Road opposite Federal Pay Office for a State Secretariat;
He has jumped ship to the fledgling Young Progressives Party (YPP) and has gifted the same YDP property for a State Secretariat.
These questions beg for answers:
1. When Anthony got the said property, did he do so with YDP at heart or where they other concerns for the said property?
2. If he got the said property with the YDP solely at heart, why did he not rent the property in the name of the YDP?
3. If he got the property for his personal business but gifted it to YDP was it appropriate for him to snatch the said property because he had defected to YPP?
4. If it is appropriate to snatch the gift from YDP and’re-gift' it to YPP, could we still say it was originally a gift to the YDP from Anthony?
5. If your response to 4 above is in the affirmative, is the property now really a YPP property or is it a bait for obvious reasons.
5(B). Put differently, If we insist that it was originally a gift from Anthony to the YDP and it's appropriate for him to snatch it back, now that it's used as YPP's secretariat, is it a gift or has YPP paid him off?
7. Why did Anthony not take a cue from the defecting former faithfuls of YDP, who jumped ship to YPP when they left the National Secretariat of the YDP until the rent expired?
8. If 4 above is anything to go by, that is, If it's not appropriate, why did Anthony embark on such an expedition?
*Anthony is still my friend; this public discourse isn't intended to undermine that valued relationship.
*If I do not do what I just did above, I know that Anthony my friend would be surprised, for I have tried as much as possible to keep quiet and be less controversial, but my temperament would fail me!
*Within the week, we should sit over a bottle of wine, if not for anything, at least, for the successful defection!
*For us who may say I shouldn't have gone this far, I am sorry to disappoint you —I just did!
*Finally, I don't write to bring the property back, I am only looking for answers, especially answers that touch on integrity and character.

Mr. Attah had according to sources argued that he is the rightful owner of the property, he donated same to his former Party YDP and he has now donated it to his new party YPP. He was also said to have told the leadership of YDP that they have no legal stands to claim the secretariat, since everything about the secretariat is in name.

Whether Mr. Attah will take this as insulting or fume over this quandary from his friend or will show a matured sense of leadership by providing adequate answers to the questions is what TDN is yet to find out, while we await Mr. Attah’s response, your comments are very much welcome.

Ukorebi Esien
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