Wednesday, 19 July 2017

PDP National Chairmanship: Simon Utsu C'River born Political analyst flaws Mimiko, Abgaje, Bode says FFK is the man for the job

A cross river born social commentator and political analyst Simon Utsu has taken a critical look at the four candidate gunning for the job of the national chairman of the just freed PDP.

In a facebook post late this afternoon, Utsu brought t bare his personal views and observation of the four candidates, highlighting their strengths and their weaknesses.

The engineer turned bank staff who is well vested with Nigerian politics threw a jab at three of the candidates, disqualifying them in his own opinion for the task ahead. According to him, the position of the national chairman of a party requires people with vast experience as such the like of Bode George would have been fit for the position but not for his inability for brace up to give the APC government in his home a strong opposition fight. Therefore, he referred to him a “yesterday man”.
Utsu also believe the likes of Jimmy Abgaje would had been it if not for his cool nature and lack of toughness and ruggedness, but for Mimiko, it was an outright No! he went ahead to call him a snake who back-stabbed Tinubu and Jonathan.

Finally Utsu found Femi Fani-Kayode, FFK worthy of the party leadership due to his stubborn and fearless nature and loyal commitment to the party. However, he went further to advice FFK to abstain from ethnic and religious themed messages since the job of the party chairman is to build bridges.

Simon’s article reads in full:

Just seen the list of the contestants for chairmanship of the PDP. They're are:
Bode George
Jimi Agbaje
Olusegun Mimiko AND
Femi Fani-Kayode

Bode George: Due to his wealth of political experience, Bode George would have been the candidate to beat since experience is often the major criteria for such a position but his political antics in the last decade are enough indications that he has lost so much steam and goodwill- he hasn't been able to harmonise the PDP in his Lagos backyard or lead them to give the Tinubu controlled ruling party any headache even as the defacto leader. In essence, he's now a yesterday's man.

Jimi Agbaje: I really like Jimi, he's a man of ideas- I followed him in the run in to the last gubernatorial election in Lagos and was very impressed with his poise and intelligence. But he's too much of a gentleman; he's not someone that can talk or fight dirty when the need arises. I think he's cut out for governance and not for politics.

Mimiko: Oh that snake! That two-timer! That ingrate! He backstabbed Tinubu who mobilised logistics for him to win(at the courts) his first governorship bid. He also turned his back on Jonathan in 2015 by failing to deliver Ondo- something which the governor of his neighbouring state(Fayose, Ekiti) who had just spent barely a year in office did with ease. Mimiko is Sheriff reloaded! He'll sell the PDP for a pot of pottage if he's mistakenly allowed to lead them.

Femi Fani-Kayode: I would rather FFK were the mouthpiece of the PDP, me thinks he's cut out for this but of a truth, his ruggedness, fearlessness, committedness and unyielding character makes him the candidate to beat. In the absence of Oshokomole(Fayose), FFK is the candidate most of us will want to lead the PDP into the 2019 elections. But my only advice for him is that, he should tone down on his ethnic and religious themed messages. Because as the party chairman, one of your major responsibilities will be to build bridges. I pray God helps him to victory in this contest and also grants him the grace to be the best chairman the party has ever had.

Simon Utsu is known for always forecasting into Nigerian’s Political future in a bid to predict futuristic happenings and most of the times, he gets it right. Do you think this is one of those his correct forecast?  

Your opinions are welcome