Wednesday, 12 July 2017

PDP Supreme Court Judgment, Head or tail APC wins – Vena Ikem

I understand another judgment day comes tomorrow... it's an all PDP affair so you will be right to wonder my business. It is my business because it is a public affair. Simple!
The permutations interest me because it has wider implications beyond the party. Will the Markarfi faction win? They seem to represent mainstream PDP. Or will the Sheriff faction perform a miracle of survival?
There are those who believe Sheriff's victory will mean APC connivance to kill PDP. Others like Governor Ayade will seem to breathe easier with this faction even though some of us wonder where that will be heading in the long run. Unless of course they want to do a deal with APC in the near future.
And losing? This faction seems to be warming up to do an immediate deal with APC, not in the future no matter how near. NOW!!
And the other faction? They have a new party waiting in the wings! Interesting days ahead. Those who believe that PDP "owns" Cross River State are waiting to retake their party and see if they can dust up some fresh relevance for her. Without a Governor and government, I want to see the magic Imoke says he can perform. Head or tail, APC wins. It feels good to be in power and in control. It is not that easy to sustain being at the top though. The days ahead look ominous to me.
In our state, I see a storm coming if Sheriff and his few supporters lose; they may find themselves juggling for space almost immediately in APC! The shape will be formless. The lines will take a while to draw. New" friends" will be made and some lost. New "enemies" too will emerge and nothing will remain the same ever after! New front lines will take a while to be drawn and shape up. APC in the state will soon forget how she ever was!
Welcome tomorrow. This tomorrow will surely come!