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Santa and the Dancer of Cross River State

7th December, 2017|

Santa Claus or Father Christmas as we sometime call him represents freebies, gifts and also reminds us of our childhood days when we long for gift items we didn’t hustle for. In this feature I shall be situating the Santa Claus narrative within Cross River political climate.

 Santa Claus comes with promises of joy, excitement and a magical aura that tells you “don’t worry I can solve all your problems, with me you are completely covered, and your Christmas will be heaven on earth.”  Which at the end may not be completely true because the joy Santa gives is seasonal and is time bound compared to the assuring love of caring parent. Therefore, we can as well say that Santa Claus is synonymous with childhood memories of deceit or fake feelings.

Santa usually will always have a pathetic end because when the chips are down all the children will go home with bags loads of gifts while he is left alone, empty and lonely. Nobody knows when Santa leaves the stage because at the end of the party everybody looks for their family forgetting Santa behind. 

The end of Santa will be liken to the end of the likes of chief Ogban Ebok, who contested cross river governorship elections against and lost to Donald Duke in 1999, Sunny Abang who lost to Liyel Imoke in 2011, the tireless but always losing Vena Ikem, Sen. Bassey Ewa who has gradually gone extinct in Cross River state politics, even my very own sweet Prince who is now clamoring for relevance. Not forgetting the likes of elder David, Eyo Etim Nyong, Gregory Ngaji, to mention but a few.  All these may be liken to Santas whose time has passed.

But funny enough some of those mentioned above, are strongly behind the upcoming Santa of Cross river state and this one seems to be the biggest of them all.
While upcoming Santa of Cross River state is warming up and dashing out freebies in a bid to buy his way into the center stage of Cross River state, the present occupant of the stage is busy dancing his time out.

Remember this feature centers on Santa and the dancer. So let’s take out time to talk about the dancer.
A dancer can be said to be someone who performs a sequence of rhythmic steps or movements usually performed to music, for the pleasure or as a form of social interaction.

Our dancer, dances to the glare and excitement of his watchers and most times he alone hears the beatings of the drum he is dancing to thus his watchers begins to wonder what he is actually doing.

Inyali Peter, the publisher of believes Ayade is "a comedian, a dance hall artiste cum entertainer on us. ...a man that has little or no respect for the lives of poor Cross Riverians. ...a high school or SUG President that takes to the street to dance at every sound of music."

My people use to say that when madness has reached the market square, then it is incurable. I think this is the case of our dancer. A friend of mine will always say, “I think there’s something speaking (singing/drumming) to/for that man. And that thing may not be far from his village or his father’s shrine.”

As we approach the 2019 elections, political pundits in cross river state are all warming up some have even drawn the battle line, social media supporters have started flooding the social web space with several campaign messages in support of various politicians. The heat is on and many interests are being displayed.

Many have called for the north not to be given a second shot at the governorship seat in the state due to the perceived failure of Ayade’s Administration, while a group from the north has pitched their tent against their own son, Ayade. A few still believe in Him. They strongly believe he is the redeemer and savior the north had longed for.

We all know that millionaires are made during the electioneering campaigns, many become rich as they position themselves to support their “perceived Best Candidate” all in a bid to gather and siphon resources meant for campaigns. This is the period when groups and associations are formed overnight with thousands of membership data base, all geared towards deceiving public office seekers that they can make him win elections with the sole aim of swindling them.

It is on this backdrop that I see the interest indicated by the oil magnet and money bag Jeddy Abga to gun for the governorship stool of the state as an act of betrayal by whosoever had advised him to run for the office after betraying his teeming supporters in 2015.

The purported planned second entrance of Jeddy into the governorship race come 2019 is a calculated act of monkey business by a gluttonous and rapacious group of people who want to siphon his wealth. In fact they have nick named him “Father Christmas.” or Santa Claus if you care to use that.

Truth be told, let’s call a spade a spade Jeddy Abga can never win an election in cross river state and will never be the governor of this state, not after his show of chicken liver and betrayal to his teeming supporters in 2015 and even those supporting and encouraging him know the truth but they won’t voice this bitter truth out to him because his withdrawal from the race will mean a big loss to them since they won’t be able to hoard wealth from him.

As Santa or Father Christmas as some would prefer to call him prepares his entrants into the race, the incumbent governor the Shocky king is busy Dancing away his time into 2019, instead of solidifying the ground for his second term bid. To me, Ayade looks like a man who is not willing to return to government house in 2019, maybe he thinks 2019 will be a work away for him because of his numerous foot soldiers in the name of appointees. 

What Ayade has failed to see is that his power drunk foot soldiers has stepped on several foot that it will be difficult for them to win their various polling units. The brand Ayadeism has become obsolete, thus it can’t win an election so it needs urgent re-branding

What Ayade does not know is that Jonathan has set a standard in Nigeria that the Power of incumbency has no effect anymore in our new found democracy. If Nigerians can vote out a sitting and working president, if Kogi state can gather 52.3% signatures of voters to recall a sitting and active senator, why can’t cross riverians vote out a dancing and nonchalant governor come 2019.

If you ask me I will say cross river state needs more than a Santa or a shocky king to reach its desired destination, what this means is that neither Ayade nor Jeddy can lead the state to the Promised Land.

We need a visionary leader like Donald Duke, Prince Otu Bassey, Sen. Owan Enoh, Sen. Geshom Bassey etc.

This is my personal view and opinion, if you have a divergent or supporting view, you are welcome to comment below and it will be published.

Ukorebi Esien
Blogs and edits for TDN