Friday, 7 July 2017

Social media users attack Saraki, Senate over Osinbajo

Hundreds of Nigerians today on Facebook pilloried Senate President Bukola Saraki and the entire red chamber for asking Acting President Yemi Osinbajo to respect rejections of nominees.

Hundreds of Nigerians today on Facebook pilloried Senate President Bukola Saraki and the entire red chamber for asking Acting President Yemi Osinbajo to respect rejections of nominees.

The Senate had also on Tuesday suspended all issues relation to the confirmation of nominees and urged Osinbajo to respect the constitution and laws as they relate to nominees' confirmation

The Presidency is yet to react to the development as Osinbajo's spokesman, Laolu Akande, neither answered phone calls nor replied a text message sent to him by our correspondent.

The social media frenzy was sparked by Saraki's explanation in his Facebook post that the Senate's resolutions were meant to "ensure that the rule of law and the doctrine of separation of powers is upheld in Nigeria...It is important that we build a society wherein all laws, not just some laws are obeyed. We must build a nation of laws, not a nation of men. Hence, it is not for us to choose which laws to obey, and which laws not to obey."

Commenting on Saraki's post, Eni Olorunfe said: "You guys are toying with fire in the National Assembly. You are suspending confirmation of nomination on what basis? You now see yourselves above national interest abi? You guys will soon have a lifetime unforgettable experience in the hands of angry Nigerians."

Auwal Umar, in his post, said: "Only people of integrity can say this not the Senate under your fraud leadership. The biggest joke in this country is Saraki we are watching and very angry. This your prayer is as useless as the Senate you are leading."

Anyaegbu Wisdom posted: "You and your group are on revenge mission on the presidency  for appealing against you .That's where I miss OBJ. I blame the executive arm for treating you all with kid gloves .What is democracy with people who feel above the law? What type of democracy that the legislature wants to check other arms but do not want other arms to check balance them? The legislative arm will be stupid to cut short their tenure by provoking the Nigerian masses against themselves at this period of numerous agitations. For attempting to impeach the president and Vice, No security agency will protect you against violent attacks from the masses if it sets in."

Michael Ogua commented thus: "If the senate can be this lawless, then where lies our hope? Cant you approach the Supreme Court for adjudication? Why are you all shameless and full of selfishness? Don't try our might if not revolution is in the offing and you and your cohorts will be the first victims."

For Megbeach Ernest, "When Buhari was around, did you senators adopt those prayers?The games that senators are playing won't help our democracy grow oo."

Chika Maduka said: "Every legislator ought to quietly bring his or her personal ego right under the public interest and make sure the Legislature does not tacitly become a clog on the wheel of the State. What ever personal interest of anyone irrespective of office, Public interest of the Nigerian citizenry should override such personal interest."

Fadilat Amanesi posted: "Did you ever think of death at all?..God is watching you..."

Adegbohungbe Adewale wrote: "Saraki Evans, the executive has veto power over all arms of government. It is like this assembly wants to hijack government. Wants to turn d executive to dummy. The decision of d presidency remains d supreme.... Magu  as a case study, doesn't need confirmation, he's covered by d constitution, to renewing his term in acting capacity, that doesn't in anyway offend separation of power. Only shows supremacy of the executive."

Abdulrahman Bello queried: "Do you obey all the laws laid to you by your creator? Had it been you did, you won't come up with these laws that will favor only you and your colleagues with quationable characters... You guys are laughing stocks... Keep introducing these laws and GOD will introduce you into the hell fire if you continue like this.... GOD is watching. There is a day of reckoning!"

Hassan Cissey said: "It baffles me most often seeing those who are law themselves trying to create ambiguity in law. The constitution of our nation is very clear without or with little ambiguities and I think on the issue of the little ambiguities, the national assembly can provide permanent solutions to them and with this, the laws of our land can be obeyed...."

Certa Kara said: "But in the event the law is used to cover up for your atrocities, I think the law should be disregarded in such instance. You knew confirming Magu spells doom for you and your fellow thieving colleagues. The people of Nigeria that made u senator want Magu; is the law more powerful than the will of the people the law is meant to protect and guide? We are wiser, Mr Saraki... trumpeting the rule of law to cover for your insecerity and corruption is unacceptable. I support the executive on the issues of people nominated to serve in this government."