Monday, 10 July 2017

They have really finished Calabar, Lets chase them out come 2019 - Ray Ugba Murphy

Ray Ugba Murphy one time chairman cross river state tourism board took to his facebook page to lament the level of destruction done on the he described as what used to be a major plank for the state-tourism.

Mr. Murphy who said that he never knew the extent of damage meted on the tourism sector of the state until his recent meeting with some tourism mogul in far away Markurdi. He said meeting opened up facts to him that tourist are usually discouraged from visiting tourist site in the state because of high rate of insecurity in the state.

He finally called on every right thinking cross riverian to chase out the ben Ayade led government out of office in 2019 for  taking the state back ward in tourism.

His post reads in full:

I didn't realise how badly Calabar's reputation as a tourism destination had been destroyed until I got to Markurdi where I had a trade growth meeting with some tourism practitioners.

One of my colleagues told me point blank, that they no longer encourage or book clients to either Calabar or to Obudu ranch. He told me that they actually discourage people from going to CRS for safety and security reasons! These are people who were block booking hotel rooms in the past! And I was really really ashamed because I was once Tourism Board Chairman of CRS and I know that tourism is a major plank of the CRS brand.
And I couldn't argue otherwise because as lawyers say ipso facto, the facts speak for themselves!

Every right thinking Cross Riverian should be ashamed and angry about the fact some peoples' incompetence has destroyed a brand and a reputation that existed since Lord Lugard! For me, there is no choice than to chase them out in 2019 and rebuild!

One question that is yet to be answered is, who actually began the destruction of tourism in the state, is this present government that is just two years old or Liyel Imoke’s led administration which lasted  eight years?

Ukorebi Esien
Blogs and Edits for TDN