Wednesday, 12 July 2017

We are all Biafrans, Ayade's kinsman calls out on South-Southners to embrace Biafra

Shortly after the Efik Leadership Foundation put up a strong message to Nnamdi Kanu, rejecting to be included in the Biafra shenanigan, Akpo Esco, a young lad from Obudu LGA, same LG where the cross river state governor is said to come from have sent a message to south-southerners, insisting that the entire of south-south is included in the Biafra nation.

Esco who took to his facebook page to post his convictions, made it clear that for south-south to have fought against Nigeria in defense of their territories clearly indicates that they are with the Biafrans.
He further advised south-southners to brace up and accept who they are and fight the cause of victory for their unborn, if not, they will remain in total darkness in even in their land.

His article reads in full:

 It’s a pity, it’s really a pity, in fact its pity to my people in South South!!!! For some days are Evil & we need to take them and continue to learn every day and night to know our history, Listen and Listen good, a good remark of a good parent and I quote!
You claim you're not Biafrans, but the Civil War was fought in your communities and  towns to include OBUDU, GAKUM, UGEP, EKOT OKPRA , EKOT-EPENE, EKA-ANA, OKELI, EKWERE and other towns un-mention & most importantly you fought for Biafra to defend your territories and not for Nigeria.

Secondly, you're afraid of being minorities in Biafra where we have a percentage 25million to 15millon, but you're comfortable of being minorities in Nigeria were the percentage is 135million to 0.5million, and you're happy & rejoicing!

South South states were divided & section into 23 states in the region which would foster development and human empowerment in the Biafra land, but yet we're comfortable with 6 state in south south under Nigeria and our land resources is use in feeding & providing security for all Arab nations, (it’s a pity).

 The Igbo's would use our Oil but we're comfortable with Nigeria using it, not only using it, but taking it through pipeline from our land to the north & notwithstanding the left over, they have all bought it over in blocks & oil well in our territorial waters , I feel like crying.
We are celebrating them in total support, in fact its pity, they have taken over jobs in maritime industries in our land & we're made messengers and securities for them, we are happy.

 You claim the Igbos are not your brother but you have them all over your land as indigenes example in Delta, Rivers and cross river. My Brother's and Sister's the time has come for us to accept who we're & fight the cause to victory for the unborn, if not, we'll remain in total darkness in our land.

Remember, it’s not over yet, for disembarking is never a hanging leg, as such we’re BIAFRAN, let accept it and come out of Egypt!!!!!

Its very astonishing that such a call is coming from a Cross Riverian from far away Obudu.