Tuesday, 18 July 2017

What shall be left of PDP when Ayade joins APC - Vena Ikem

Whither Cross River State PDP Post Ayade?

While Ray Ugba Morphy has decided to do an exercise in giving Ayade conditions for engagement in APC following last night's widely reported meeting of some APC leaders with Hon. Amaechi on a consultation mission on behalf of Gov. Ayade who has begged Amaechi to assist him make contact with the Party leadership in the state and help prepare the way for his entry, I would today rather want to beam my light on PDP or what shall be left of her after the departure of the only thing still holding some people there. That "thing" is not Ben Ayade. It is called hunger to be part of govt. Remove the Gov from Ayade and everyone is gone. Conversely, Gov Ayade moving to APC will mean for some moving with the Government not moving with Ayade. I hope the distinction is clear.

It is however remarkable to note that Gov Ayade even on the eve of coming to APC is not willing to warm up to the party leadership in the state but would resort to outside help in a clear show of continuing disdain whose lessons I am sure has not escaped those leaders who attended and those who did not.

For those who will not move, I will want to see in the days ahead a new realization in the politics of our state what we mean when we talk "principles" . Former Gov. Imoke has already as I understand fired the confusing shot as to whether some who left PDP because of Gov Ayade will go back to PDP or will co habit with him as he moves to join them in APC. Truth be told, if Ayade comes not many people will feel justified to run away from him because that's what it would amount to. 

Building a resistance to finalize the dream of stopping his second term ambition should look easier on a platform where he neither has a ward or Local government Exco under his belt. Yes, as his supporters would say, as Governor he can buy everyone. We agree. At least we all have a better fighting chance than where he has everyone handpicked to do his bidding. The ground cannot be more level than this! In any case if he is so confident what is driving him away from PDP?

Most importantly, how many of the elected officials of PDP from the NASS and SHA will remain to fly the PDP flag? Or would they join Ayade and fly his new party flag? The flag they so recently abhorred, denigrated and whose members they treated with so much disdain?

Let's assume that Imoke manages to keep the impression of bravado and the PDP suffers the reverse of what Ayade was doing to APC what would be the state of the polity? Let us also assume that Ayade in his vaunted trait of intolerance to opposition opinion a trait Imoke himself bragged about even during the campaigns, decides to open the can on Imoke how well will he sustain his new opposition credentials? I can't wait.

I still hear that House of Assembly members would dare Ayade and stick it out with Imoke. Will that be all or some? And how many? For those who may do so what are the guarantees of survival which seems to be the real currency in Cross River politics? And what becomes the fate of the early bird who's seat they declared vacant in a laughable drama that is both absurd and infantile in the face of clear constitutional provisions to the contrary in the proviso to S.109!?

 Is it not laughable that in all the state Houses of Assembly and the NASS where people have crossed over lately only the Speaker of the CRS HA seems not to understand the constitution well enough to declare a member's seat vacant? I think I had more respect for the speaker John Gaul Lebo than that. Putting himself on the line on whoever's prompting for political expediency is hardly how to act in the circumstances. If he doubts me he should wait to see how long he survives as Speaker henceforth. He has put his seat on the line of fire.

On the whole when Ayade comes taunting PDP hereafter I cannot wait to see the reactions to his performance from PDP as it shall remain. What strength of a party will be left in the aftermath of the departure which will sweep most of the noise away from PDP into APC. What shock measures are there in the short term that will ensure that the stomach infrastructure priority of Ayade in the guise of appointments, tagged " food on the table" policy, which has sustained PDP membership be sustained?
Will that army with their nuisance leave or remain without further pay? And without food on the table? The days ahead look very interesting indeed.

Vena A Ikem.