Monday, 10 July 2017

You started well but ended a gross failure, unhappy birthday to you, publisher of blast Imoke on his birthday

As the social media was today flooded with good will messages to the erstwhile governor of of cross river state, sen. Liyel imoke on his birthday, the publisher of,  MR. Inyali Peter also took to his facebook handle to take a jab at the former governor.

Mr. Inyali who said he didn’t see any need to wish the past governor a happy birthday went ahead to wish him an unhappy birthday, stating that he was doing that because the past governor had also made several cross riverians unhappy with the actions he took towards his last days in office.

 Inyali took out time to enunciate how Imoke who started well as governor ended up in gross failure by foisting Ayade on Cross Riverians. Acknowledging that Imoke could be seen as the best Governor Cross river ever had for his firmness in rural transformation, Inyali said all that came to not when Imoke gave us Ayade.

Inyali’s article reads in full:

Former Governor Liyel Imoke, you started well as a Governor but failed grossly to respect the biblical principle that the end is greater than the beginning.
Towards the end of your administration, a once quite admirable leader became an emperor and the only voice that must be heard. This unfortunate disposition guided you to give us who you brought as your successor.
We asked for somebody that will continue from where you stopped or improve and correct areas where you failed but you decided to unleash a comedian, a dance hall artiste cum entertainer on us. You brought a man that has little or no respect for the lives of poor Cross Riverians. You brought a high school or SUG President that take to the street to dance at every sound of music.
Your Excellency Sir, I don't wish you happy birthday because as long as you have made thousands of Cross Riverians unhappy, many families bereaved because of the lukewarm attitude of the government of the day to security, you don't deserve happiness.
Today, you need to be sober and reflect on this your greatest political mistake. Take your mind back to all the good programs you started for Cross River that have been destroyed.
You still remember the price you paid to make Cross River the most peaceful state in Nigeria? You remember how investors where coming in droves? All those people are leaving the state now.
No doubt, in my rating, you're the best Governor Cross River ever had because your administration stood firmly for rural development which to me is the true essence of government but you sold your achievements for pride and greed. See where this has brought us today?
It will be honourable if you use the occasion of your birthday to apologize to us!
Stay strong and may God grant you long live to work with others to change this mistake in 2019.
Unhappy birthday to you!

Is this actually right to wish even your enemy talkless of an elder in accordance with our African traditional cultural practice an unhappy birthday?

Ukorebi Esien
Blogs and Edits for TDN