Thursday, 3 August 2017

Asu Okang should apologize or withdraw his Statement- Ukorebi Esien

Publisher and Editor of The Daily News,a blog popularly known as TDN, Mr. Ukorebi Esien has insisted the cross river state commissioner for youths and sport Development was wrong to have said he is not against cultism.

reacting to comments following his publications on the above subject matter, Mr. Ukorebi said the Commissioner should apologize or withdraw his statement and come out clean in the fight against cultism in the state and stop playing about with sensitive words that have been abased.

recall that  TDN had on the 3rd of August made two  publications concerning a statement accredited to the Commissioner of youth and Sport Development in Cross River state. In the publications, the commissioner was alleged to have made a public statement in support of cultism while addressing a crowd of University of Calabar students who invited him to speak to them in their on going students' week celebration.

The commissioner was reported to have said “I am not against cultism because it offers you an opportunity to associate and make friends, what I am against is the raising of arms against each other.” 

Read the story here:  I’m not against cultism, C’river youth commissioner drums support for cultism

The publication had caused a stir on the social air platforms with the commissioner trying hard to re-interpret his statement.

 Read the story here: C’river state Youth commissioner makes frantic effort to defend self as Youths react to his “I am not against cultism” statement

Cross Riverians had made several comments about the statement of the Honorable commissioner with some saying that the author misinterpreted the commissioner out of context, while others claim that the publications from TDN were malicious and stemmed out of mere jealousy. These had made the author of both publications to put up this article in support of his two previous publications.

 " I wonder why people will just accept anything as an excuse for making unjustified statements.

Whatever excuse Asu Okang has for saying he is not against cultism doesn’t hold water. What does it mean to read in-between the lines if not what has just been done?
When he made that statement what was the reaction of the same crowd he was addressing?

For those who thinks Asu Okang was misquoted, please can you tell us was cultism is?
According to a cult is
1.     A system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.

2.     A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or as imposing excessive control over members.
3.     A misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular thing.

Now which of the above definitions was Asu Okang referring to when he said “I am not against Cultism…”

Off course he will say he was refering the first definition.
According to his explanations, it could be deduced that he was advising cultist to practice cultism as it is defined in definition number one above.

I may not know if that was what he meant or not because I am not in his mind, where I have issues with his statements and this is where I drew my report from is that he actually miss led his audience.

Asu okang should know that he is a public figure and represents the youths which are said to be at the center of restiveness, thus saying anything that looks like a nod will actually mean a nod to most of them.
Our system has so much bastardize or debased the word cultism to the extent that mere mentioning it makes you receive one queer look from listeners.

Asu cannot fathom the impression he has created on most of those young minds that were there to listen to him. Going by his words, I can as well deduced that the message he passed across  to those teeming crowd, was  if you are told to join a cult group that do not take up arms nor shed blood, please you are at liberty to accept their invitation because it will help make new friends and associate.
Is that it?

My point here is that Asu Okang being a serving government official whose ministry is supposed to be at the fore front of combating and eradicating cultism in the state should not be found wanting in anywhere especially as regards the above subject matter. He should come out clean and fight cultism to a standstill and not dance around with words.

Our system have so debased the word cult or cultism or anything related to it that we don’t have to joke around with the word talk more of saying we love or we are not against it.

If he were to be addressing a different society who have vast definition or understanding of the word that would have been okay, but he was addressing a mixed crowd of members and non-members.

Asu should rather apologize for or withdraw his statement and not try to paint black white. The truth is that there is no better way he would have said what he said. The best thing was to have totally condemned and advice his audience against it.
Lets all join hands with the governor Ben Ayade’s Administration and fight cultism out of the state."

TDN Correspondent