Thursday, 3 August 2017

Ayade’s aide backs co-Governor Frank Ayade, slams critics

Mr. Richard Romanus, a close aide to the executive governor of Cross River State Gov. Benedict Ayade has taken it out on those critiquing the governor for giving so much power to his elder brother Frank Ayade, who is popularly called “The Co-governor”.

Mr. Richard argued that the same people who are complaining about the activities and usurp of powers by Frank Ayade are the same hailing President Buhari for deliberately allowing his nephew Mamman Daura run the affairs of the Nation.

He went further to describe these set of persons as hypocrites ,  saying that these set of persons who are pro-APC “keep seal lips on the obvious failure and cluelessness of the APC led federal Government but find their voice in criticizing every move taken by Ayade.”
Mr. Romanus went further to claim that Ayade’s over 700 MOUs are all producing results. He also did not fail to accuse these pro APC hypocrites of coming at night or behind the door to beg Ayade for food, contracts and their share of looted funds
Mr. Romanus’ thought which he titled Hypocrisy Everywhere reads thus:

Hypocrisy Everywhere
They hail President Buhari for giving his Nephew (Mamman Daura) so much power, yet criticize Ayade for doing same to his brother Frank Ayade.

They saw nothing wrong with Buhari appointing not less than 25 of his blood relations into his government yet see everything wrong with Ayade appointing his Obudu brothers into his Government.

They accuse Pro Ayade supporters of hunger in the morning yet beg them for food in the Night.
There accuse Ayade of embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds in the morning yet go for their share in the Night.

They keep sealed lips on the obvious failure and cluelessness of the APC led federal Government but find their voice in criticizing every move taken by Ayade.
They query the results of the several MOUs that has been signed by Ayade since he resume office but have refused to show us how Mr president junketting across the world during the early days of his administration has change the price of garri.

They criticize Ayade for not executing and commissioning any project since he assume office yet Hail Buhari who does not have one single project to his credit.

They said Governor Benedict Ayade government is a scam but maintain a disturbing silence whenever the biggest scam of the century (APC CHANGE ) is discussed.

Like the legendary 2face sang in his song, "If you want to criticize, criticize small because you no holy pass my brother".
Make una abuse me if una like...

Richard Romanus.

what one should ask Romanus to explain now is, who are these Hypocrites? are they people we can relate with or just assumptions/abstract? 
For you to say that they come at night for their share of the loot, are you saying your Principal is actually looting the state?
will you be bold and willing to name those who come at night to beg for food, loots and contracts?

Truth is wonders shall never end and Wonder creators will never stop

Ukorebi Esien
Blogs and Edits for TDN