Thursday, 3 August 2017

C’river state Youth commissioner makes frantic effort to defend self as Youths react to his “I am not against cultism” statement

The commissioner for Youth and sports in Cross river state Mr.Asu okang has made desperate moves to redeem his name from a statement he made while addressing students of the University of Calabar in Calabar.
The commissioner who had through his statement given the impression that he supports cult activities when he said:
“I am not against cultism because it offers you an opportunity to associate and make friends, what I am against is the raising of arms against each other…”
Trust Journalist like me, the news went viral on social media and it generated a lot of comments and talks which made the hon. Commissioner to issue out a statement in a desperate move to retrace and refine his words.
The commissioner who took to his facebook wall to pen down his argument said:

“ I am really not given to joining issues with people on this platform. Especially those who defy every sense of reasoning and lacking the needed patience to read between the lines to discern a simple message that is crystal clear and devoid of ambiguity. But for once, I am tempted to speak to the point..

I was invited to speak at the ongoing students week at the University of Calabar; my alma mater, where I spoke on MENTORSHIP, which is a veritable ingredient of youthfulness, yet lacking amongst young people these days.

There is an increasing lack of patience and humility to subject one's self to the tutelage, of older and more experienced individuals, or even read their words and works that ultimately shape our ideas, notions, praxis or perceptions about life in general.

Then I drifted to say that "ordinarily speaking, I am not against cultism, but I am against the evil practices that are associated with it'...and then I went further to say that" if those who call themselves Vikings, or KK or skyllo, call it any name, were not associated with killing of innocent souls, carrying arms and constituting themselves into social deviants, then they would probably be existing like age grades, socio-political groups or even kegites and hence the police would have no cause to chase them around"

I then went further to say amongst other issues that ...."it is important that we take advantage of the EU/AU funded programme on the proliferation of illegal firearms to voluntarily surrender your arms and take up an alternative source of livelihood."

It is therefore unfortunate that some elements get into face book, scroll through the headlines that catch their attention as Agba Jalingo and his likes would want to sell their blogs, and then comment what they like.

The problem with Nigeria is that we know our problem, yet we pretend about it, better still we get too religious to speak up.
It is therefore important to say that my opinion on issues MAY differ from any other, but hey! You may wish to think otherwise.”

Before now Cross Riverians especially the youths which the commissioner represents in the state cabinet had aired their various opinions on the matter

Ambo Ramzi Nyce Michael 
What a shame.. I can't believe this.... When all universities, groups and leadership circles are singing and shouting shun cultism... An appointee is declaring Cultism safe and healthy... God help us... Am so disappointed with this.... I pray it was never true....

Attah Enishie This man should be arrested & remove from that position is a cultist.
Udoh Andrew Halo, confirm he's ex or still a member
Oseuno Inspire Justus When we fail in leadership. This guy should boldly take his "L"
When we fail in leadership. How can a sensible Youth leader endorse cultism among youth? You have failed Mr. Commissioner.

Alphonsus Ijakoli This can't be true. From a commissioner? No.
Emmanuel Ajaero If you are not against them then you are with them. Prime suspect perceived

Mike Offum According to Usman Da Fodio: Conscience is like an open wound; only the truth can cure it. If the commisioner said he is not against cultism; what is wrong with that? He is only been ruled by conscience. The gospel truth is that 99.9% of Nigerian Politicians are all cultists; ritualists; humosexualists etc etc. Afterall freedom of association is enshrined in the constitution. When such open ended clause was enshrined; did anybody care to question why the notion of constitutional association was not defined? After all Cross River State is the home of cultism.

Timothy Archibong Esu ...Given the extremity of the word 'cult' especially in our climes and the recent wave of negativity associated with it, the young commissioner should have chosen some other choice of word to use to attract applause... This is because the unschooled minds who form the majority of our society (including most unfortunately academic institutions), only need that sort of endorsement to propagate their clandestine activities after all a "commissioner said 'I'm not against cultism..." When seeking accolades, public office holders should be mindful of their speeches...

Samuel Ekanem I feel for the guy. Sometimes he talks and acts too fast to stop and check if he is on track.

Timothy Archibong Esu ...Unbridled exuberance you may call it Bro..
Bishop Efiom And who is left? The message is clear.
Arira Joseph This shouldn't be true please!!
Maurice Effiom Hmmmmm
Lordz Utumex 

Can we say bar,obono obla is vindicated for the statement he made few months ago after he lost his beloved