Saturday, 19 August 2017

Desperate moves: See how C'river YPP leaders are "Cajoling"unsuspecting members of the Public to join its fold

In what seems to be a desperate move for membership drive, the leadership of Young Progressive Party YPP has taken to the street to cajole unsuspecting members of the public into joining its fold.

This was made known by NegroidHaven, an online news platform. In its report, Negroid haven has it that one Mr. Anthony Attah had a meeting with the Vice President of National Association of Cross River State Students (NACRISS) Worldwide, Miss Ukung Iye Alawa.
and in the process tried to cajole her into becoming a member of the newly registered Young Progressives Party (YPP). 

Miss Ukung Iye Alawa who declined membership of the fledgling Young Progressives Party (YPP) narrated her ordeal to NegroidHaven 

The report from the online news portal reads in part:

NegroidHaven got wind of what transpired recently between Miss Ukung and one Mr Anthony Attah. Four days ago the NACRISS WW chieftain met with the wooing YPP rooter at the Cross River State capital city as he made frantic efforts to convert the unsuspecting poet to his political party. She declined insisting that she is a card carrying member of the

Her words reads in part, 'I settled to meet someone
His name is Anthony Bissong Attah

'We met opposite Calabar Municipality, it was really nice to meet him. At least I got to know Etung does not just have one way in and out.

'Also we talked on school, politics and geopolitical zones (I can't believe this)

'Then he wanted to cajole me into joining YPP, I told him I'm a card carrying member of PDP.'

What's of interest to NegroidHaven in the whole experience is how Miss Ukung captured what transpired between her and Mr Attah especially when she narrated thus: 'he wanted to CAJOLE me into joining YPP...'(emphasise is mine). To cajole, according to Merriam-Websters Dictionary, is 'to persuade  with deceive with soothing words or false promises'. Could this be true? Could Mr Attah belittle himself to this level? 

It's pertinent I ask this question because, of late, it's come to my notice that some elements in the YPP in Cross River State are allegedly 'cajoling' (thanks to Miss Ukung) unsuspecting members of the public: I have heard that they say 'the YDP, that is, Young Democratic Party, has changed their name to YPP, that is, Young Progressives Party' which is outright lies! 

They have conveted the secretariat of the YDP claiming it's YPP's, they have the financial aid other properties of the YDP in their possession, not wanting to let go. A recent experience between the leadership of YPP and the Office of the Special Assistant to the Governor of Cross River State on Interparty Affairs, which I am yet to talk about, us a case in point. 

Thank God Miss Ukung was smart enough, despite being young, to discern the cajoler in Mr Attah. Some are regrettably in the net of the cajoling propensity of the deceptive Attah. Hmmm.